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Shanghai Airlines to fly off-season flame Beijing Minimum 280 per ticket

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Into the off-season aviation market, gold has fallen sharply airline tickets also appeared. Log number of travel Web site yesterday, reporter saw in mid-December, many of the basic route of the minimum discount of 2 fold, 2.5 fold, 3 fold between. Including December 14 -16, Beijing Fei Shanghai Pudong (one way) 2.5 discount off the lowest fare of 280 yuan (excluding tax), Beijing - Wuhan lowest price of 260 yuan, Beijing - Qingdao lowest price 170 yuan ( consumer booking date). This reporter has learned, into November, the domestic aviation market slowed by the prosperous. Especially in the December mid-season ticket prices began the first round bottom. Then slowly pulled up the fare, near the New Year there will be slightly higher. As of press time yesterday, the reporter saw Ctrip online, the last 30 days, from Beijing's various hot routes, December 14 -15 at Beijing - Taiyuan, Beijing - Qingdao flights lowest fare is 150-170 yuan ; Beijing - Wuhan have 270 fares. And Beijing - Nanjing China Eastern Airlines flight 230 has the lowest ticket; Beijing - Shanghai route, Air China has the lowest early morning flights to 280 flights a limited supply. Outbound flights in Shanghai Shanghai - Nanchang, 120 yuan, Shanghai - Shenyang sides of the last of a minimum 260 yuan, Shanghai - Zhengzhou also have a minimum of 160 yuan ticket. Guangzhou to Guilin, 150 yuan ticket, fly on the route of Nanchang has a minimum 180 per ticket. Press the control of the route carefully and found the lowest fare flights, the introduction of the minimum fare is not the route most of the airline's main positions. For example, Beijing - Wuhan route, China Southern and Air China had equal shares of the site, the China Eastern Airlines launched low-priced tickets can understand. In Beijing - Nanjing routes, Air China and China Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines have eight flights a day, the reporter found that compared with China Eastern Air China flight fares generally lower 50, so not difficult to understand the route on the introduction of the minimum flight 2.3 The discount fare is only 230. An airline sales staff told reporters, the off-season in order to attract consumers, increase in popularity, most airlines will launch some low discount air tickets. But in general 1.5 fold, 2 fold, 2.5 fold, 3 fold and other unconventional very small amount of tickets, and do not sign refundable, non accumulative mileage restrictions and booking time. The ultimate goal is to airlines through low fares to attract more consumers to fly, "such as discount ticket if there is no 1.5, and 2 fold, 3 fold the ticket, consumers would buy that right." Industry, told reporters, the off-season sales in the ultra-low-fare airline will likely be taken to combat the non-main competitors site. And some will in their main position, through a large number of low fare flights, the competitors out of business. The so-called "a cheap three love", if consumers buy cheap ticket tasted the sweetness of the next air ticket will instinctively choose who buy low-fare airline, which is why airlines have mad in the off-season Push one important reason for low fares. Reporter noted that the above-mentioned ultra-low fares are generally limited supply, consumers need to book 15 days in advance, and do not change the cumulative mileage is not refundable and other restrictions. Consumers need to be noted that the sky did not fall from the pie, in the low to buy airline tickets be sure to pay attention to the corresponding constraints with this, and strive to Amoy cheap tickets not to the extent possible, the interests of the injured. The reporters found that, with the limited amount of tickets, booking more consumers, the introduction of low fare routes have begun to change in. If consumers travel plans, mid-end of this month to 12 months is a more appropriate time.
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