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Discount tickets are not refundable standard terms lead to controversy

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Recently, the Consumers Association of Heilongjiang Mudanjiang City received two complaints from consumers, reflecting their online discount to buy an airline ticket, the reason can not travel to the outlets when the refund was told there are provisions within the airline, 4-fold The following discount tickets, can not refund after the sale, 改签 can only refund fuel surcharges and airport fees 50. Consumers can not accept this provision to the Consumer Association of Mudanjiang City complaints.

The CASE staff understanding of the relevant provisions of the purchase discount tickets, airlines are developing the format of the contract unilaterally, based on "contract law" 39 "entered into a contract with standard terms, the party supplying the standard terms should follow the principle of fairness in party The rights and obligations and take other reasonable way to draw attention to the exclusion or limitation of its liability provisions, in accordance with the requirements of the other party, to explain the terms. " According to the principle of territorial jurisdiction, the proposed location of the Consumer Association of Consumer complaints to the airline.

To this end, Mudanjiang City Consumer Association reminds consumers to purchase discounted tickets to note the following.

Buy discount tickets, be sure to ask clear the relevant provisions of purchase discounted tickets.

As for ticket outlets on behalf of the business, should also apply for a refund, 改签 services.

Discounted tickets behavior itself is a promotional company, lower prices, while airlines want to press the "Contract Law" the relevant provisions of the refund consumers receive a certain amount of penalty, to give a refund, can not use regulation to limit the internal row legitimate rights and interests of consumers .

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