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Air man of two night flight or navigation sleeps to become aware United States C

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United States Congress took off 2004 on October 31, 2007 clerk sleeps incident holds a hearing. At that time, two air man on time of nightly airliner are asleep at the same time in flight process unexpectedly, the warning that directs personnel till the ground is waked up among them one person, just avoid circumstance of airliner occurrence danger.

Associated press reports 2 days, american country aviation and safety of spaceflight bureau flight report the department unites a faceless report to say, air man of two trade flight number sleeps in flying to Denver process by Baltimore, cause a plane to fly to the airport with the double speed at demarcate speed per hour, when till the airport directs personnel to give out,be being warned, among them one talent awakes.

The word of report quote air man says: "Of the flight finally 45 minutes, I was asleep, deputy drive to also sleep. " be in Denver International Airport when the plane (Denver International Airport, international aviation carries constituent code: DEN, code of international Civil Aviation Organization: KDEN) southeast direction when about 96 kilometers, aircraft altitude is many meters 10 thousand, outclass sets height. Flight speed is about horary 980 kilometers, also the speed that prep above sets.

The report still writes: "I awake suddenly, the call that hears the airport to direct personnel insanity... after I am respondent, descend according to their instruction. I was waked up deputy drive. " descend the process did not occur other event.

The report did not point out this one " red-eyed " the place of the airliner belongs to gross of the personnel on date of company, airliner or machine. But the report says, this plane is airbus A319 plane, belong to the United States to combine airline or airline of American border area.

McCarthy of plum pleasant · says spokesman of American combination airline, the company did not go there and back at these two intercity " red-eyed " airliner, also did not discover similar report. Joe Huodasi of spokesman of border area airline says, although the company has this for a short while to go there and back at the airliner of two cities, but the report that did not discover this one incident. The company ever discovered similar report before, solved these problems.

Huodasi says, the degree that pilot fatigue drives to realize than the public is even serious. "We pay attention to flight safety very much, observe whether air man is fatigue closely. " the company still adopts a series of measure to prevent to produce exhaustion to drive. (report of Xinhua News Agency)

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