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Engine occurrence accident drops south Africa grounding of aircraft a Boeing 737

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Xinhua News Agency in the morning electric Beijing time this morning, management board of south Africa civil aviaton gives orders, the requirement produces aircraft engine accident 7 days to drop the south Africa of the accident " countrywide airline " grounding of aircraft is all Boeing 737-200s plane, in order to check engine safety.

   Grounding of aircraft affects south Africa whole nation

Female spokesman of south Africa management board fragrance Diwei Geweibu says: "South Africa management board will be evaluated ' countrywide airline ' the report after check, in order to decide whether the plane accords with safe flight standard, task of;equal;fitter;fittest;qualified;equal to flight. Task of;equal;fitter;fittest;qualified;equal to flight..

"Countrywide airline " the data that the website offers shows, the company has 11 now this kind of plane.

South Africa management board asks at the same time domestic other airline next week plane of 737-200s of Boeing of one temporary grounding of aircraft, tear open next engine to undertake comprehensive examination.

   Accident: Engine accident drops

"Countrywide airline " a Boeing 737-200s plane that carries 106 passengers, when 7 days take off, right engine accident drops, bring about a plane to tighten urgent crash to open general honest International Airport.

This company after the event says, because,engine drops is inspiratory unidentified object. But " times opening general " 10 days of reports, metallic component ageing is undetected just be the real reason that causes an accident.

The plane of Boeing 737-200s model, it is the standard type in Boeing 737-200 series, for Boeing 737-100 model lengthen. Machine height spends 30.5 meters, carry a guest to make an appointment with 130 people at most, in August 1988 stop production, symbiosis produces many 1100.

   Chinese point of fall: Home does not have this model plane

In the morning, the reporter enters the inquiry of civil aviaton database of total bureau of Chinese civil aviation to be informed, home does not have the plane of Boeing 737-200s model now.

As we have learned, the type data of civil aviaton database all originates total bureau of Chinese civil aviation, it is the member that the member that it is control and autograph are sent can fast in the job, convenient inquiry flight function is relevant data and development, already collected type of of all kinds civil aviaton at present 205 kinds, covered all civil aviaton basically commonly used type.

Subsequently, the reporter comes even the line China southern airline and Chinese Oriental airline, the staff member of airport information desk of these two companies tells a reporter respectively, home does not have the plane of Boeing 737-200s model, connect Boeing the other type of 737 is very few also.

The reporter connects a line at the same time Boeing China branch, because be absent working hours, up to when distributing news dispatches, have not contact.
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