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Passenger of first-class stateroom cabin boards the plane to be counterpoised to

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The cold face of passenger lot airline has minded it seems that not strange, this one case has appeared on body of passenger of first-class stateroom cabin. Because encroach authority of basic know the inside story, inc. of Chinese southern aviation (the following abbreviation " Na Hang " ) the lawsuit that is faced with average consumer again.

Last weekend, wang Hongbo of solicitor of office of attorney of beautiful of Beijing state seat of government walks into court of people of Hangzhou city Xiao Shan district. Regard a passenger as the acting lawyer of bark gentleman, he dealt with formalities of put on record, the accused is company of service of southern airline and aviation of boreal capital jade (the following abbreviation " Hua Yu " ) .

As accuser, bark gentleman asks Na Hang pays a loss to add up to 901 yuan, among them airline ticket price difference 900 yuan, other loss 1 yuan. In addition, beg Na Hang to make written explanation even, make an apology publicly to accuser.

Ask only 1 yuan of other loss, bark the gentleman explains, all the time since, airline and consumer are in not quits relation, airline depends on its monopoly position, often appear airliner incur loss through delay and even refus carry wait for a problem, and the authority of know the inside story of consumer cannot get be ensuringed effectively from beginning to end. He hopes to be able to pass this lawsuit, cause an industry to be in charge of a branch to take seriously, the authority of know the inside story that faces consumer in legal layer gives clear explanation. And airline also should take oneself problem seriously, conform with international further, offer more excellent service for the passenger.

This dispute wants restrospect to last month. On October 9, bark gentleman booked the airline ticket of Na Hang first-class stateroom cabin that was CZ3844 to the airliner of Zhengzhou from Hangzhou on October 11 through Hua Yu (13:00 take off, 14:30 arrive) . Hua Yu sent bark gentleman the ticket that day on October 9. Bill section adds up to 1390 yuan, number of electronic passenger ticket is 7845648611986.

On October 11, bark gentleman according to par information, arrive at Hangzhou airport to deal with board the plane when formalities, the airline ticket that the accused knows to book did not show in the system, cannot exchange boarding check so. Boat Hangzhou business ministry informs bark gentleman south, because full that day guest cannot be arranged separately. Bark gentleman can change the journey temporarily only, take that day 13:1The 0 airliners that go to Beijing from Hangzhou, amount to Zhengzhou from Beijing a favourable turn again. Boat Hangzhou business ministry admits to bark gentleman seat is cancelled to because its fault is brought about,be south, show certify to. Notable is, this airliner has bark gentleman only a passenger did not board the plane.

"We should pass litigant means, make the authority of know the inside story of consumer gets legal protection. " Wang Hongbo's lawyer expresses, of the boat austral the accused publicizing catchword external is " the first selection that lets Na Hang become a client " , but accuser did not enjoy the accused to offer however " the client is consummate " service. After incident happening, na Hang company does not have the accused to make real explanation to accuser not only, instead with " employee is unwary " this attempts for simple excuse prevaricate pass a barrier, and was not adopted in time remedy measure accordingly, nearly causes the huge loss that makes up for hard to accuser, order a ticket to nod Hua Yu to also should assume corresponding joint liability to this.
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