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Start off before the others of airport of white cloud of battle of contention of

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Guangzhou Bai Yun International Airport and Shenzhen airport spread out seize guest big fight, the city that airport of first other place establishs in Shenzhen awaits machine building -- Shenzhen of Guangzhou Bai Yun International Airport awaits machine building to enable half moon superabundant, be in bead below the old structure that trigonometry airport competes, bai Yun International Airport already began have the aid of to build a city to await machine building, extend antenna to the hinterland of adversary sphere of influence.

International course much Shenzhen one times

Bai Yun International Airport awaits support machine building outspread airport serves, strive for more passenger source. Xue Feng of Peng of ministry of passenger transport of international of company of representative of money of Na Hang's customer introduces, current, bai Yun International Airport has international course many 50, airliner of international of Shenzhen Baoan International Airport is controlled 30 times only, bai Yun International Airport has an advantage on international airliner, among them the Guangzhou with Egypt enlightened aviation is managed more solely course to Africa. What Shenzhen of Bai Yun International Airport awaits machine building is enlightened, the Shenzhen passenger that gives a need to having international has very big attraction undoubtedly.

White cloud airport will year seize guest of 100 thousand deep harbor

Future, below this action that awaits machine building, a lot of this locality dwellers' better for the choice travel time and airliner, head for Guangzhou to seize the opportunity. And the habit goes to harbor to turn the passenger that multiplies international airliner, also will change a habit accordingly, head for more convenient Guangzhou airport. Na Hang concerns a personage to analyse, machine building is awaited to develop action hind adequately in this, will have nearly 100 thousand passengers every year, through Guangzhou is being gone to before this building white cloud airport seizes the opportunity. Before this, bai Yun International Airport already was in door of Zhuhai, Dongguan, Zhongshan, suitable heart, river and Fosan and other places were built await machine building, convenient passenger change trains, bai Yun International Airport still will be in henceforth benefit city, Zhaoqing and clear far and other places are built await machine building. As the dilate with Bai Yun ceaseless International Airport, shenzhen airport future will be faced with more enormous challenge.

Embrace African line alone, bai Yun grabs harbor " old client "

Live in Mr Huang of Luo Hu, africa is flown to before, it is from Hong Kong the International Airport boards the plane, he had walked along road of this a gleam of 4 years. He says, go to Hong Kong formerly seizing the opportunity, need costs the time of 2 hours, but still go to the lavatory than going to Guangzhou. After direct bus is enlightened, he awaits machine building to be able to arrive at Guangzhou Bai Yun International Airport directly toward Shenzhen before need only, very convenient, and the formalities that discharged pass a barrier. Accordingly, after him, metropolis option leaves from Guangzhou.
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