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The abdomen hides woman of Brazil of half kilograms of cocaine to be arrested in

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Stockholm of Xinhua News Agency on November 1 special telegram: Danish custom seized an abdomen to hide the Brazilian woman of half kilograms of cocaine in Copenhagen International Airport on October 31.

Connect a company to reported on November 1 according to red, danish custom officer is in when to entering a country the passenger undertakes routine is checked, discover this woman display is unusual, undertake to its uric sample is checked then, the result makes clear to cocaine composition is contained in its urine sample. This woman immediately is taken to go to local hospital, eduction half kilograms of cocaine.

Danish police already sued this woman with contrabanding the accusation of drugs, be in two partner that Copenhagen arrested her in a hotel.

Two Zhou Qian is in Denmark Copenhagen International Airport, custom officer discovers to at least 1.3 kilograms of cocaine hide in abdomen of passenger of a Holand.

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