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Two men of American carry a knife to board the plane via checking fact and terro

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American federal official said on November 1, american police intercepts and capture two men of many years old 60 in Atlanta International Airport, police finds out a few cutting tool from inside their baggage. FBI (FBI) had affirmed this removes incident and terror to have nothing to do.

American police says, the thing happened on October 25. Two men call Shegelabo Hay Pateer, Chaganbo respectively Hay Pateer. Two people prepare to take scheduled flight of the airline that amount to the United States to fly to India through new York change trains.

Report of American police investigation says, safe personnel intercepted and capture Chaganbo first Hay Pateer, find 20 wrap up from inside his baggage the penknife in tinfoil and a bolo. Nuo of profit of division of · of Jim of Atlanta police officer says, that bolo very resemble saber. Subsequently, police is wrapped from his again in ferret car of a toy, razor discovered in box of toy car batteries piece.

The companion that checks pleasant to predict Hay Pateer abandons Gelabo Hay Pateer already sat through installing check right now plane. American police in engine room lieutenant general its are intercepted and capture. Via ransacking, police discovers 5000 dollars ready money and knife of an art design from inside his baggage.

American police has not affirmed the relation of two worlds, also did not offer their citizenship. FBI spokesman Sidifen Aimeite said on November 1, information personnel already chatted with two people through the interpreter, affirm this removes incident and terror to have nothing to do. American confederative orgnaization is not right two people to lodge a complaint, this matter orthogonality is handled by local branch. (special telegram of Xinhua News Agency)

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