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Tickets sold at the end of "cabbage price"

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Yesterday a reporter learned from the major sites, Guangzhou, fly to Beijing from December to 6 fold after the ticket next year, January will be lower and lower into two almost full-year minimum. Spring Festival travel peak arrives, most of the domestic airline ticket prices will surge more than 5 percent, so the mid-month to 1 is the most cost-effective travel time. It is understood that in addition Guangzhou to Beijing last month, airline fares a lot of influence by the Asian Games, the other routes are basically in the off-season level. However, from December onwards, this golden route fares also drop this month, the lowest fares steady at about 6 fold, in January next year will be reduced to 4 fold fare is about 680 yuan, almost the lowest this year ticket prices. This month in Guangzhou to Shanghai, Wuhan, Chengdu, still you can find cheap airline tickets around 3 fold. Aspects of tourism routes from Guangzhou to Sanya tickets prices have been quietly, but this month, 400 yuan can buy about 5 discount tickets, Guangzhou Fei Kunming still able to buy 3 discount cheap air tickets. It is reported that February 2, 2011 is New Year's Eve, Chinese New Year holidays more than the year earlier, the peak will be early spring. Passengers need to travel should be concerned about the latest early in January to the spring fare will normally 7 to buy discount tickets to be shot, especially from Guangzhou to Wuhan, Changsha, Chengdu and other routes each spring seats are very nervous, more attention should be earlier.
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