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Online shopping discount tickets 1,000 people cheated the sea ducks and drak

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"I purchase a ticket out of the trap line." 14 morning, Ms. Qin told reporters reflect her to fly in Taiyuan, Haikou, online ticket purchase, who knows, after paid, should have failed to purchase the tickets have already received receipt message, she suspect taken. "I am 9 a ticket booking through the website given a piece of 11 flights from Haikou to fly Taiyuan, 980 yuan, after discount, I hit 1,000 yuan in the past. Who would have thought the money could be transferred later, but did not have before the success of SMS votes. "Miss Qin told reporters at the scene described, and then she would call 4006078586 (write the number of online bookings for the Spring and Autumn Airlines phone) asked," the other side so I took the card to the Industrial and Commercial Bank ATM teller machines Follow the instructions on the operation, I enter the password without any action on the booking transfers. "operation is not successful, Ms. Qin call Shoupiao center again, this time the attitude of 360 ° has changed not only Miss Qin did not answer the questions, but also Pokoudama . Miss Qin provided by telephone, the identity of the reporter to booking call why not find out after the success of consultation purchase transaction information, the other party has replied that "just follow the prompts on the staff of the." After a reporter how to interpret each other no matter always stressed that "the staff do not follow instructions, tickets will not come out, the money has already been bound, unable to put forward." Desperation, the journalists ask for one other flight tickets booking When the answer is "the practice of your company caused me a great insult, since we do not believe that companies would not have booked your ticket." Spring Airlines reporter then call the Sales Department Tel Haikou International Trade, said the staff had previously received similar complaints telephone, as many complainants, they can not conduct a detailed verification. In this remind consumers through newspaper, book air tickets booking log on Spring Airlines website, or business offices in the local book scene, to guard against fraud.
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