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Eighth China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition Press Conference

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Approved by the State Council, the eighth China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition [referred to the Eighth Air Show China] will be held November 16, 2010 -21 at the center of Guangdong Province, Zhuhai Airshow held. Benjie air show by the Guangdong Provincial People's Government, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China International Trade Promotion Committee, CAAC, the PLA Air Force, China Aviation Industry Corporation, China Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd., China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation co-sponsored, the Implementation of Zhuhai Municipal People's Government, the Zhuhai Airshow Co. contractor. Airshow China is approved by the State Council every two-years held in Zhuhai, China, with a flight demonstration of the international professional Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition, since 1996, has been successfully held the seventh, not only is the aerospace community and cooperation in foreign exchange window and bridge, but also countries in the world of aerospace companies in the Asia Pacific region to expand its influence into China shortcut aerospace markets. Currently, this air show investment work has been completed, exhibition scale will hit a record high, has identified indoor net exhibition area of over 23,000 square meters, nearly 600 Chinese and foreign aerospace companies will be exhibiting, exhibition about the various aircraft in-kind 70, Air Show will be held Summit, seminars, press conferences, product launches, nearly 40 games. Domestic investment to achieve major breakthroughs, the domestic aviation and aerospace enterprises and the new lineup will debut very large scale. In addition to the jurisdiction of the major airlines in China Civil Aviation Administration of China Aviation Industry Corporation, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and China Aerospace Science and Industry Group and other air show organizers will continue to be more large-scale exhibition, China Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd. the first time in the form of exhibition booth, exhibition area of 1,500 square meters; the first air show organizers to join the ranks of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force will debut an unprecedented large scale, will be sent to attend the 60th anniversary of National Day military parade in some models, for loaded "J -10" Chinese Air Force plane after "August" flight demonstration team and the Air Force Skydiving Team Exhibition, and together with China Aviation Industry Corporation, continue to organize the "Second China National Aviation Day". Also supporting domestic private aerospace companies, domestic industrial parks have also appeared Airshow, where a number of booth area customers a marked increase over the previous air show. Foreign investment results gratifying. Boeing, Airbus, Rolls-Royce, Rosoboronexport and other foreign customers in China Air Show will once again gather in Zhuhai, which Rosoboronexport, the Russian Space Agency, the French aerospace association, Safran, Agusta helicopter company , Diamond Aircraft Industries Inc., Colette Semiconductor Products Co., Ltd., U.S. Tyco Electronics, Parker Aerospace, and other foreign well-known aerospace company's booth area a more substantial increase over the previous. U.S. Carlyle Group, Pelican Products Co., Ltd., the United States rotor helicopter manufacturer GROEN BOTHERS AVIATION companies, steel mills of Italy Warburg, Germany Sanchis - Gun Park Trading Limited, DMG Machine Tools Co., Ltd., a limited de Ti Company, 俄罗斯普瑞玛 Co., Ltd., Ukraine FED Machinery Group Corporation and other aircraft will be the first exhibition, the famous American aerospace firm Honeywell after an absence of 8 years air show will return to the stage in China. This will greatly enhance the current exhibitions of international and professional level, but also means that China's international air show in the expanding influence. More and more advanced aircraft will be exhibiting at home and abroad a comprehensive presentation of advanced military and civilian aircraft of superior performance. First group of Chinese self-developed advanced models will be unveiled. Chinese Air Force will send to participate in the National Day parade, part of the 60th anniversary of participating models, including the F -10, H-6, J H-7, etc.; China Aviation Industry Corporation will also be sent by the Falcon advanced trainer aircraft, the new 600 regional jet boat, gulls 300 exhibitors, and many other models; China Commercial Aircraft Co. will be the first to send our self-developed regional jet ARJ21 new exhibition and flying display performance. Second, the number of foreign exhibitors will exceed the previous air show aircraft. Brazilian airline and Legacy 600 Lineage 1000, Bombardier's Global Express XRS and Challenger 300, Challenger 850, Gulfstream Aerospace G550 United States and the Cessna business jet company's main awards Mustang, single turboprop Triumph multi-purpose aircraft, light sport aircraft, Eagle 172, Corvalis TT four models of the DA40 Diamond Austrian exhibitors have been identified. Third, a substantial increase helicopter exhibition scale, domestic introduce the most advanced S-92 helicopters, Eurocopter EC225 helicopter production, U.S. production of Robinson Helicopter Company R44 helicopters will be exhibiting Thunderbird, China Aviation Industry Corporation AC civil helicopter production -313 and other helicopters will also be unveiled.
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