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Heilongjiang Kunlun big public house (Harbin)

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Kunlun big public house is a luxurious hotel that has international level. Repose at Harbin flourishing downtown, each serve establishment all ready, can satisfy you all sorts of diverse demand, the environment that we will offer warmth for guest of China and foreign countries wholeheartedly and to the queen's taste service. The hotel has 6 styles the dining-room of each different can offer various gust dish, additional set refined Western-style food hall and Korea dining-room. The hotel still has perfect recreational establishment.

1997 practice Decorated 2003

Heilongjiang Kunlun big public house (Harbin) main establishment:
Meal establishment: Garden of orchid of hall of rainbow garden coffee, any of several hot spice plants (Shanghai) source of dining-room, wet blessing (wet another name for Guangdong Province) hill of bar of dining-room, piano, boiler (Korea barbecue) dining-room, Kunlun feeds government office snack dining-room of hall, chaffy dish
Recreational establishment: Room of the gym, center that wash bath, bowling, billiards, chess card room, card pulls OK
Service facilities: Business affairs center, post-office, bazaar, hairdressing beautifies hair service of car of center, hire, travel, airline ticket acts as agent

Heilongjiang Kunlun big public house (Harbin) other information:
Contact a phone: 0451-53616688
Hotel address: Street of railroad of area of the hillock austral Harbin city 8
Traffic a sector of an area: The hotel reposes at Harbin flourishing downtown, with station square echo each other at a distance, be apart from old central ave 5 minutes car Cheng, be apart from the airport is Cheng of 25 minutes of cars, winter is Cheng of 40 minutes of cars.

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