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Hotel of Daqing green spring

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Time of hotel start business on Feburary 9, 2005
Green spring hotel reposes at development of estate of Daqing city new and high technology to build an edifice, usable floor area more than 18000 smooth rice, it is the hotel of 4 stars class that presses international standard build, border times square, century square, meeting exhibits area of garden of center, university, be apart from a railway station only Cheng of ten minutes of cars, communication is easy; Hotel hardware establishment is all ready, set various guest room 113, business area of Chinese meal office 10 thousand square metre, have a style the room of small-sized and big, medium, luxurious bag of each different 50, banqueting hall can accommodate 350 people have dinner at the same time, dish tastes market capital, rash, plain, dish of another name for Guangdong Province, Hunan at a suit; The hotel still sets the assembly room with many different dimensions, all ready establishment, the service that extremely rich individuation, close affection is changed and characteristic changes reachs travel guest to offer for business affairs activity, banquet, conference general warmth mixes the home to be enjoyed transcendentally.

Merchant of wine of Daqing green spring wants establishment:

Meal establishment: Chinese meal hall
Recreational establishment: Hairdressing beautifies hair, massage / assembly room can accommodate 80-300 person
Service facilities: Wu of business affairs center, ticket, washhouse, bazaar, parking lot

Information of other of hotel of Daqing green spring:
Contact a phone: 0459-4300888
Hotel address: Development of estate of Daqing city new and high technology builds an edifice
Traffic a sector of an area: The hotel is apart from downtown car Cheng 10 minutes; Be apart from Cheng of railway station car 15 minutes; Be apart from airport car Cheng 120 minutes; The distance exhibits central car Cheng 1 minute; The distance is long-distance station car Cheng 15 minutes

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