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Qi Qi breaths out edifice of Er civil aviaton

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Civil aviaton edifice reposes in the flourishing a sector of an area of center of culture of urban politics, economy, the building is seventeen tall, it is the market room with this city the biggest dimensions that builds by SamSung grade level, meal, recreation, hairdressing beautifies hair, fitness of peace and happiness, sauna is massaged, bazaar shops, conference center the hotel of large and luxurious business affairs at an organic whole.
Edifice function is perfect, satellitic TV and system of wind of changes in temperature of central air conditioning, closed-circuit television system, computer of use network type manages the modern establishment such as the system, affable and considerate service, rich and varied recreation program, will surely make you feel clinking exalted and gentle style. We the establishment with SamSung class, the service that offers you to exceed SamSung class and enjoy.

1996 practice Decorated 2001

Large building of civil aviaton of neat Qi Haer is main establishment:
Meal establishment: Chinese meal hall
Recreational establishment: Gymnastical room massages room sauna bathroom
Service facilities: Auditoria bazaar is tonsorial hairdressing room

Qi Qi breaths out information of other of edifice of Er civil aviaton:
Contact a phone: 0452-2381112
Hotel address: Area of sand of dragon of city of neat neat Hal predicts Kui street 4
Traffic a sector of an area: Be apart from a railway station 5 minutes, be apart from the airport 20 minutes

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