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Harbin Songhua River big public house of triumphant Lai garden

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Time of hotel start business in December 2004
The Songhua River the hotel that big public house of triumphant Lai garden is standard of a 5 stars, be located in in the center of ave and Songhua River boundary, communication is very easy.
The hotel has luxurious guest room 83, set flatlet of a president (530 square metre) , all rooms all deserve to home of interface of satellitic TV, broadband, international dials directly a phone.
Hall of hotel Chinese meal advocate dish of battalion another name for Guangdong Province and local characteristic dish, at the same time 14 honoured guest wrap stock room and big, little assembly room, what can accommodate 600 people is muti_function the ground of the first selection that hall is banquet of your banquet, marriage. Wane to the close coffee hall is daily offer elegant Ou Liu and southeast Asia cate for you, the mocha that makes up solely, it is your business affairs negotiates, recreational optimal choice.

Merchant of old wine of triumphant Lai garden wants Harbin Songhua River establishment:
Meal establishment: Hall of coffee of Chinese meal hall
Recreational establishment: Size assembly room is muti_function hall
Service facilities: Telephone call of IDD of phone of DDD of center of business affairs of washhouse parking lot is total the room is free the broadband gets online

Harbin Songhua River information of other of big public house of triumphant Lai garden:
Contact a phone: 0451-86770000
Hotel address: In the center of Harbin city ave 259
Traffic a sector of an area: The hotel is apart from downtown 5 kilometers; Be apart from a railway station 5 kilometers; Be apart from the airport 42 fair; Be apart from exhibition center 10 kilometers; Be apart from haven 5 kilometers; Be apart from long-distance station 5 kilometers;

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