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Big public house of international of vessel of peony river gold

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Time of hotel start business on January 18, 2004
Big public house of international of vessel of peony river goldBe subordinate to belongs to Harbin railroad to invest administrative group, for the country hotel of business affairs of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of 4 stars class. Personage of business affairs of first hotel of hotel of green of national “AAAA” class, alliance of world gold key, China most the hotel of business affairs of a hunderd schools that love, go vacationing hotel. Be located in peony river downtown flourishing shopping centre, be apart from a railway station only 500 meters, be apart from an airport 20 public clocks. Hotel design is original, the structure is unique, adornment is elegant, its building and decorate were reflected full-bodied hind the modernist school is realistic style, make the hotel all shows high, atmospheric royal wind model, it is dimensions of the establishment in industry of hotel of peony river area advanced, standard the hotel with all ready project of taller, service. The hotel is had include flatlet of standard guest room, luxurious guest room, president inside various guest room 200, additional set the characteristic guest room such as female floor, smokeless floor, administration floor, all guest room set system of independent pilot air conditioning, independent bath crock / shower, channel of television relay of private safe, satellite, small public house, broadband gets online wait for conveniences. The meal service of the hotel is offerred from dish of sterling and elegant Yan Baochi, seafood, another name for Guangdong Province, what fasten inside to the northeast place dish that does not provide gust is various and delicate. Can satisfy 250 people at the same time of repast at 0 o'clock banqueting hall, and the optimal choice that the environment is your have dinner more between quiet and tastefully laid out luxurious meal bag. Hotel more your business affairs demand offers equipment of advanced seeing and hearing and conference establishment, those who ensure the conference serves is professional, big, medium, small-sized assembly room and what can accommodate 400 people is muti_function can exhibit a center to will aid your gain time, hold business chance. Current, the hotel already became alliance of world gold key hotel of member of alliance of Chinese gold key, the personage of business affairs of first “ China that is held by newspaper office of trade of international of Department of Commerce most the business affairs of a hunderd schools that love, go vacationing judge in hotel ” to go up hotel of a list of names posted up.
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