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Edifice of Heilongjiang gold cereal (Harbin)

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Golden cereal edifice is collect meal, guest room, recreation, shop the 4 stars class at an organic whole is costly business affairs hotel. The edifice is located in in the center of the —— of historical name street with the most flourishing Harbin ave shopping mall. The edifice has the guest room of 215 capacious grace, system of central air conditioning and equipment are set inside guest room all ready bathroom, confuse you, closed-circuit television can watch CNN, NHK to wait for TV program of much channel satellite. The honoured guest hall of 13 different style suits party of company dinner customer, business affairs or domestic assist board. 100 gardens dining-room manages each district dish and various unripe fierce seafood, can undertake all sorts of large cocktail party, banquet. Lawn dining-room offers palace of chaffy dish of elegant self-help breakfast, fat cattle, Beijing south fastfood reach all sorts of Western-style bit. 6 big, medium, small-sized assembly room can accommodate 250 people at the same time, business affairs center is offerred Chinese and English type, telex and fax, mail, the service such as duplicate. The edifice still offers establishment of each recreation fitness.

1996 practice Decorated 2005

Edifice of Heilongjiang gold cereal (Harbin) main establishment:

Meal establishment: Dining-room of level ground of dining-room of banqueting hall of hall of 100 gardens Chinese meal, sweet Langong, garden, Na Cao and banqueting hall
Recreational establishment: Hall of center of bar of renown be an official, bowling house, fitness, billiards, nightclub, enlighten, room of the center that wash bath, mahjong
Service facilities: Foreign currency of center of auditoria business affairs changes service market entire room has a broadband to get online

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