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The Songhua River hotel of triumphant Lai business affairs (Harbin)

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The Songhua River hotel of triumphant Lai business affairs, it is the edifice of European classic form with a grand lofty, situation is advantageous, repose at beautiful preserved egg river bank, distance Harbin airport only 30 minutes of distance, 5 minutes can amount to a railway station. Business area 21 thousand meters, employee 500 people, it is hotel of SamSung class concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, be located in Harbin city mart, border Songhua River bank, walk 5 minutes to reach million forest park already (seat of garden party glacial the lamp) , the guest average per capita that to business affairs guest or winter visiting ice exhibits is an optimal choice. Colour of land of the public house is big extremely rich Europe, style having a unique style, the service is kind and friendly, make you have the feeling of guests feel at home. The hotel shares standard guest room, luxurious flatlet, double entry flatlet 304, air conditioning of stock changes in temperature, confuse your wine cling to, satellitic TV. Dining-room of Chinese meal boat is the restaurant of seafood of dish of harbor type another name for Guangdong Province of extremely rich characteristic, by hutch of Hong Kong name advocate manage; Boat dining-room have as an attached institution room of 10 honoured guest, the environment is halcyon, equipment is perfect, it is the colleague dines together, business affairs negotiates, small-sized conference, the ground of the first selection of entertainment relatives and friends. Hall of Western-style food coffee, european gardens style, offer flower law Western-style food and southeast Asia cate and buffet.

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The Songhua River hotel of triumphant Lai business affairs (Harbin) main establishment:
Meal establishment: Corridor of hall of Chinese meal of “ boat ” , coffee hall, by night
Recreational establishment: Card pulls OK taxi tall
Service facilities: Service of Wu of business affairs center, ticket and arrangement of travel tourist attraction, airport is received send a service

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