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Cloud horse hotel is interlinked - hotel of horse of cloud of Harbin classics ab

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Cloud horse hotel is located in about 60 meters to be in on the right side of Harbin railway station, border Na Gang is flourishing shopping centre, 2 kilometers are in park of Lin of the preserved egg river bank that is apart from beauty, million. Drive car can arrive at the airport 40 minutes. The hotel has 86 capacious guest room, set closed-circuit television system, international / home dials directly a phone, air conditioning system. Restaurant of cloud horse seafood can accommodate at least 600 honoured guest at the same time, have 9 KTV to wrap a room to be able to offer a choice. Authentic extensive pattern early tea, late food, let you enjoy true Guangdong food culture. Additional, center of hotel business affairs can offer graph article fax, duplicate, file to print, international / the multinomial business affairs such as representative of domestic phone direct dial, airline ticket, train ticket serves, offer the assembly room with all ready function.

* on the weekend time limits * On Saturday — Sunday

2000 practice Decorated 2003

Cloud horse hotel interlinks - merchant of wine of horse of cloud of Harbin classics abb wants establishment:

Meal establishment: Chinese meal hall
Recreational establishment: Card pulls OK hall
Service facilities: Wu of ticket of center of auditoria business affairs serves room of IDD phone part to the broadband gets online

Cloud horse hotel interlinks - information of other of hotel of horse of cloud of Harbin classics abb:
Contact a phone: 0451-82266829
Hotel address: Harbin railroad street 24
Traffic a sector of an area: Be apart from 0.5 kilometers from downtown, be apart from 30 kilometers from the airport

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