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Harbin blessing arranges day of extremely big hotel

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Blessing arranges day of extremely big hotel is Harbin the hotel of business affairs of 5 stars class that provides person energy of life most, be located in region of gold of economic technology development, communication is easy, environmental grace, element is mixed with excellent service muti_function establishment is beautiful praise glacial city.
The hotel has 220 guest room and flatlet, plute wineshop and Persia ascend assemble of Western-style food hall cate of authentic Chinese and Western, the banqueting hall with all ready establishment, it is to hold each model the optimal place with banquet and right clique.
Brand-new transformed Lasiweijiasidi the club is gorgeous, deduce world of fashionable recreational passion. The hotel still is set precious jade room of room of card of room of center of Chi Fenlan bath, swimming-pool, fitness, billiards, chess, tea art and card pull OK to wait for recreational establishment, can satisfy the diverse demand of guest.

All round landscape: Dragon tower, kunlun store, cate an one street

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Harbin blessing arranges merchant of day of extremely big wine to want establishment:
Meal establishment: Plute wineshop, universal building of day gust seafood, Persia ascends Western-style food hall
Recreational establishment: Gym, swimming-pool, Lasiweijiasidi club, precious jade Chi Fenlan bath
Service facilities: Business affairs center

Harbin blessing arranges information of day of other of extremely big hotel:
Contact a phone: 0451-82368888
Hotel address: Date of 20-22 of canalage of another name for Jiangxi Province of area of Harbin city sweet river
Traffic a sector of an area: Be apart from a railway station 6 kilometers, be apart from the airport 45 kilometers, the mart that be apart from city 5 kilometers.

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