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Chinese Embassy in London to remind citizens concerned about the immigrant vis

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According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry Web site news, Nov. 5, the British Home Secretary Theresa Shamei (Theresa May) published in immigration policy speech, that the British Government will further promote the implementation of immigration policies limit (Immigration Cap Policy). In this connection, to remind the Chinese Embassy in the UK tour of Chinese citizens and organizations concerned about the British British immigrant visa policy changes, careful to comply with UK law, plans and arrangements Fortunately, the United Kingdom to work, study and life. Theresa Suomei said it would strive to attract "the most intelligent, the best" talent to the British. In the coming months, on the one hand will encourage more entrepreneurs, investors and researchers to Britain, without considering the "transnational mobility (Inter-Country Transfer)" visas into the quota limits; another respect to crack down on student visa abuse, false marriages and other acts, and consider lifting short-term workers studying in the UK and the cumulative gain automatic qualification to apply for permanent residence permit the practice. Ultimately limit the amount will be released next month.
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