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Russia studies abroad visa note and place need a file

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1.For many times between visa period of efficacy inside, the time that stays in Russia every time cannot exceed 90 days.

2.Other Russia concerns the visa that sign and issue, do not grant to adjourn here.

3.If did not get visa because of reason, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and original of company invitation letter do not grant to return.

4.Fill in like visa application form not complete, do not deal with visa here.

5.If have need, the likelihood asks the applicant offers compensatory file or interview.

6.If a few people are invited at the same time, criterion every applicant all should offer a complete file.

7.The applicant answers to he will apply for visa or offer notarial a power of attorney.

Study abroad visa place needs a file

1.Valid passport reachs passport homepage photocopy

2.1 piece of photographs (1 inch or 2 Cun Jun but)

3.Visa application form (should answer all problems inside the watch)

4.The invitation letter original that ministry of Russia internal affairs signs and issue

5.Russia invites an institute (university) original of effective invitation letter and its photocopy

6.Applicant and this institute (university) active contract original and its photocopy

7.Applicant diploma photocopy

8.The proof has enough the bank deposit proof that pays ability

9.Quarantine of effective and healthy certificate, AIDS reports (if be in Russia,the time that stay exceeds 90 days)

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