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The retention of visa

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The retention of visa, it is to point to hold a witness to enter a country allow after this country the time that stay. It and visa period of efficacy are different, period of efficacy is the term of service that points to visa, and the time that retention points to to after entering this country, can stay. Be like some country piece, entry visa period of efficacy is 3 months, retention 15 days, so hold this visa to be able to go out inside period of efficacy, into this territory, but from enter a country to rise that day, hold a witness to be able to stay 15 days only in this country. Some national visa enter a country deadline and retention are consistent. If the United States visits the period of efficacy of visa and retention,be 3 months, enter a country to just be inside 3 months namely effective, 3 months also can stay only after entering a country. Visa period of efficacy is a month commonly or 3 months, the longest it is half an year commonly or a year of above, the shortest for 3 days or 7 days, be like visa of pass through the territory of a country.

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