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ABC of visa going abroad

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Can divide according to visa category for: Diplomatic visa, official visa and common visa.

It is according to going out to be able to divide into condition main content: Immigrant visa, blame immigrant visa, study abroad visa, travel visa, job visa, business affairs visa and family member visa.

It is according to going out to be able to divide into situation situation: Leave the country entry visa and visa of visa, pass through the territory of a country.

It is according to keeping a frequency to be able to divide: Two visa, visa are mixed for many times visa.

Can divide according to retention accident for: Long-term visa, short-term visa. Long-term visa is called in the visa that exceeds 3 months toward the retention period that visit a country, retention is not worth the visa of 3 months to call short-term visa.

The information on visa

Content of each country visa is different, style each different, but content of information of train of the place on visa agrees basically. Make clear commonly on visa: Code name of the sort of visa, visa, into leave the country (pass through the territory of a country) purpose, retention is restricted, significant number, sign and issue an orgnaization, sign and issue official of place, visa to sign, seal, sign and issue date and certificate fee to use etc. After the visa that get, should microscope, avoid information error, influence journey.

The distinction of visa and passport

The passport is the proof of holder citizenship and identity, visa is toward what visit a country to enter its territory according to the person to holding the license proves. Undertake the journey between international, normally need holds valid passport and visa at the same time.

How to apply did not establish diplomatic relations with China national visa?

The country that did not build foreign relations with our country is in China without diplomacy (consular) orgnaization, the way of conduction visa is endless also and same. Some countries are stationed in through its China the delegate is in or trade department deals with visa, some is stationed in through other country China diplomatic and consular missions does sth for sb visa, some is Chinese citizen to issue visa in diplomatic and consular missions of the Three Kingdoms through its, return visa of some conduction be born. Chinese citizen applies the visa of these countries, must understand its to ask in detail beforehand, lest cause delay in work or business.

What meaning is pressing limits of consular area under administration to apply visa?

Consular area under administration points to the area of for consulate executive powers and authorities of office set. Every consular orgnaization has his area under administration, and can be only inside region of place area under administration exercise powers and authorities of office. Consular treaty is passed between country and country (agreement) the area under administration that decides every consular orgnaization.
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