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Visa leaving the United States does not rely on luck to obtain an autograph smoo

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"Go to the United States to study abroad should offer proof of how many belongings, is visa just sure? " " whether the mood that the lot goes to want to see visa official? " ... these two days, the students that the college in and other places of Hangzhou, Ning Bo is Carol Massahos of director of center of communication of American international student to go to the United States to study abroad of purpose impart visa " study abroad recipe " .

According to Introduction Carol Massahos, want to enter oneself for an examination nowadays before the United States is ranked 50 college, the achievement such as TOEFL, GRE still is path doorsill merely, university achievement (GPA) is more important, the report that renown school hopes to see not only it is high component, and it is annual the achievement that rising steadily. Next, learning the application material such as the plan also is the crucial link of application, and the expressive means that has new idea had better be used in the process of compose, for example cut back is waited a moment. Besides major and academic setting, the student's leadership, start work ability also meets be American name school inspect a key.

Be aimed at the visa problem that students pay close attention to most, carol Massahos and its work in the same placing denied " visa relies on luck " wait for an error, emphasize to the student repeatedly, no matter be OFFER of school of sum fellowship, name, still be the high component of TOEFL, GRE, although can give visa official to leave good impression, but not be whether the payoff that obtains visa.

Want to obtain the agree of visa official, must have enough English to convey ability, can communicate with visa official already, also can convey a key clearly. And the capital ability that proves oneself also is one of element that obtain visa smoothly, include to offer deposit, fellowship, finance to aid financially wait for a proof, but unfavorable and overmuch, pay tuition and living cost quite can. Additional, learn survival to want pair of universities that are about to read and major to have proper understanding, the purpose that has the clear attend school that go to the United States and with actual conform to go back to the motherland plan.

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