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Go to American visa interview to want to foster strengths and circumvent weaknes

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The United States since Summer 2005 studies abroad visa policy appears " become loose " , make more and more China students and parent value the United States to study abroad foreground, pull from this moved annual United States studied abroad to rise of advisory number considerably 2006. According to consul of American news culture Guo Jin discloses, rate of enter a school of American higher education is ceaseless and elevatory, at present student of 62 thousand China is in the United States attend school, occupy the 11% above of all international student in American attend school. Among them, what read graduate student course still is the mainstream. In 05-06 school year, in all Chinese students that go to the United States to study abroad, the student that has 76% reads a graduate student, the chrestomathy division of 15% . Last year in a year, the person that have student of more than 600 thousand foreign countries, scholar and communication visit heads for the United States, among them Shanghai area rose 28% . In the student visa applicant of Shanghai area, 90% successes obtained visa.
The preparation before visa is sufficient
How to raise what oneself obtain visa to hit the target rate, study abroad expert proposal, before the student undertakes visa to American diplomatic mission, need has done enough preparative work.
Above all, wanting him proof is a true reasonable, lawful student. Must want to the form that proves you had been admitted by American university and the reception that admit the school case above all. In addition, all with the school between epistolary can take the past and make detailed study plan.
The 2nd, must want to have detailed capital proof, prove you can be in the United States successful finish school. Or proves you took enough fellowship, or has tuition of economic capacity burden and living cost with respect to the parents that proves you. The parents that should prove you is capable burden tuition and living cost, not certain must one Zhang Yinhang's receipt, the parental near future that proves you has the deposit with very a large amount of brushstroke, and best the material that can take the profession that can prove parents has stability and income.
The 3rd, must want to be able to prove you do not have emigrant tendency, you go to the United States is to learn, have go back to the motherland enoughly reason. In this one part, you need to make detailed homecoming plan. The preparation of this one part works because of the person different, everybody can differ somewhat. Common for instance you have a good deal of belongings in home, or you had gotten married in home etc, these are enough the rigid reason that lets visa official be convinced.
Inferior position should keep away from when visa
Preparing visa material is a process that knows ego adequately actually, some students do not understand the circumstance of oneself, just examine the visa of others blindly to prepare from the net, and oversight to oneself measure integratedly, often make mistake easily. To each student, there are the advantage of oneself and inferior position when visa. Before visa, the data that should prepare this prepares to take the past validly, but differ choose a site for the capital gives actively visa official is examined. Study abroad the expert suggests everybody, in give above all visa official material when, the advantage content that chooses oneself as far as possible gives visa the official, state the material of clear relatively weak sign very hard to those, best when visa official mentions to give again he.
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