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Study abroad Canada obtains an autograph successfully to need to notice a few bi

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As people living standard rise to develop with social abidance ceaselessly, chinese parent begins an education to regard the investment with a the largest redound gradually. But the limitation that teachs resource as a result of Chinese oneself, go abroad study abroad begin to become hot. And Canada is the heat country that attracts a student studying abroad all the time, outside the education that allows from height water besides its, favorable development environment, because be the same as the special relationship of American border on, can become study abroad American gangplank also is a main reason.

But, should obtain successfully go to it is not easy however to add visa. Applicant needs to notice the following elements:

One, the main demand of policy of contented Canada visa

Conduction Canada studies abroad the material of visa, basically get the element that assures 3 respects:

1, study abroad reasonably plan;

2, sufficient financing (especially important)

3, after offerring enough evidence to let visa official believe the applicant can learn, go back to the motherland as scheduled.

2, stuff is honest and preparation is sufficient

In the process that applies for visa, honesty is a very main factor, canadian diplomatic mission values the authenticity of first time material especially. Study abroad visa rate of England is 90% , and visa application rate of Canada is 60%-65% only. Because England regards education as,this is the industry will invest, welcome foreign student studying abroad, and Canada thinks education aims to foster a talent, be opposite so study abroad of the applicant choose on Shen Zhi careful; Again criterion, the United States is one get extremely hard studying abroad the country of visa, and border on of beautiful border bound, basic not fortify, it is OK that so application goes to Canada studying abroad a gangplank that goes to the United States as application. Be based on above reason, the application number that goes to Canada is particularly much, accordingly, visa official is in material of examine and verify when the emigrant tendency in paying attention to the authenticity of material to control a student studying abroad thereby very much.

When preparing material namely additionally, must notice: What the material of the requirement of diplomatic mission must prepare is sufficient reach the designated position, the scarcely that does not beg wants blind to add, cannot offer the material that yourself thinks to feel very important at random. Offer a few strong auxiliary data to be able to increase advantageous element for the application of visa sometimes, but of best course expert after seeking advice, decide to offer what material again advantageous, what can be just the opposite to what one wished instead.

3, about financing source

The child ability that whether just has money home goes to Canada studying abroad? Whether should deposit history exceed 18 months that Canadian diplomatic mission sets? How should if is deposit notes bad,do again? What belongings material can conduce to a student obtaining an autograph? These are to want to go to Canada going abroad the main topic that the student place that study abroad cares.
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