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Leave the country travel should do what formalities

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Above all, choosing quality of a service to have the travel agent of safeguard is crucial issue. Though open newspaper, the advertisement of travel going abroad blots out the sky and cover up the earth, but actually, accord with state law, get a country concessionary agency force going abroad
Swimming processional company is in Beijing not much, revive only head of raft of pontoons borders 100 fill " China International travel agent total company "
Wait for 11 travel agent. These 11 travel agent are agency of approval of bureau of tourism of bureau of classics country tourism, the Ministry of Public Security, Beijing
Of business of travel going abroad, every should regard a risk as to mortgage gold is deposited 1 million yuan of RMBs in national tourism bureau
Or city tourism bureau. If the guest is complained and complain hold water, the guest can travel from national tourism bureau or Beijing
Bureau get compensating.

Be itinerary and time next seek advice and understand. Regard the travel of tourism as alien, the guest is right perhaps valence
Of case it is so not clear to include an understanding to get, but having is regularity, that is the price, quality is enjoyed with place
The service that suffer becomes direct ratio forever. 289 money, casual choice was saved in you an a less known and inferior brand travels
Company while, what lose likely is the safeguard that serves quality. Rise to maturing gradually leave the country travel spending
Person for, shopping need chooses famous brand, travel going abroad also should choose famous brand travel agent.

Travel going abroad should deal with a passport. The guest can hold some passports to basically have two kinds: Because of,one kind is illicit 5 years
Passport, another kind is one-time travel passport.

From December 1996 the share rises, the Ministry of Public Security promulgated to simplify the citizen because illicit leave the country the method of formalities. Because of illicit
Passport of 5 years should go by him guest management department deals with condition of discrepancy of public security mechanism, charge is a RMB 105 yuan
From the time that applies for to had done, big city is 15 to 20 weekday, devious place 40 weekday. Deal with
Because of,this is planted illicit 5 years of valid passports, the material that the guest wants to issue is as follows: The person invites to have outside the invitation letter outside the condition, condition
Effect the bank deposit of 2000 dollars proves churchyard of the photocopy of identity document, person be invitationed etc. Most citizen goes out
The country travels or want to deal with one-time travel passport.

This kind of one-time passport helps a guest deal with by travel agent. Include the total quoted price in League membership dues commonly inside
The guest deals with this kind of passport roughly the program is: Want a piece to travel agent " Chinese citizen goes to overseas travel application
Express " , filling in according to the facts, place one class unit builds official seal and " agree to attend to travel at one's own expenses " hand in the watch after model of written characters
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