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Graph: President of Inc. of aviation of east of China of president of group of aviation of Fu Yi? east On reason of a list of names posted up Regard 3 big aviation as one of groups, inc. of Chinese Oriental aviation (China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited, abbreviation " Dong Hang " ) because base is set,assumed in cross-strait straight boat special
mission. From inchoate one-way charter flight, arrive again the two sides later two-way charter flight, arrive again cross-strait holiday charter flight, the two sides that began to carry out on July 4 to this year all the time on the weekend charter flight, dong Hang is the witness person of cross-strait straight boat and participator from beginning to end. The Li Fenghua of air man one's previous experience, dare to receive new challenge. This year Dong Hang is brought endowment Singapore airline (Singapore Airlines Ltd. , abbreviation " new boat " ) after failure, li Fenghua rejected Chinese aviation (group) limited company (abbreviation " in boat is finite " ) of every 5 HK dollar that put forward buy plan. Li Fenghua admits, dong Hang is badly in need of introducing capital and advanced management, but his individual thinks, advanced management is more fundamental to Dong Hang than capital. Resume 1968, join civil aviaton course of study, be graduated from civil aviaton advanced boat school, have title of one class air man. Came 1987 1992, hold the post of civil aviaton assistant great team leader, group grows group of the 26th flight. Came 1992 1996, hold the post of Chinese southern aviation (group) vise general manager of company Hubei branch, general manager. Secretary of Party committee of Inc. of Chinese southern aviation, vise general manager holds the post of since 2000. Came in October 2002 in September 2004, hold the post of general manager of Dong Hang joint-stock company, vice president of Dong Hang group. Removed vice secretary of president of Ren Donghang group, leading Party group in September 2004, president of joint-stock company of successor Dong Hang. Reporter hand is written down On September 2, 2007, the airport guesthouse around airport of Shanghai rainbow bridge holds the ceremony that joint-stock company of Chinese Oriental aviation and Singapore airline, Dan Maxi signs strategic cooperation agreement. Li Fenghua of president of joint-stock company of president of Dong Hang group, Dong Hang wears the suit with very straight a suit, fasten a red tie to come on the stage. Li Fenghua explains so: "Red is symbolizing in China festival, today is the day of Dong Hang great rejoicing. "     on January 8, 2008, it is the airport guesthouse around airport of Shanghai rainbow bridge likewise, be in same an assembly room, li Fenghua holds a press conference. Before the news briefing, what the shareholder plenary meeting that just ends overruled new boat and weak horse stannum to enter partner boat is second reading. Li Fenghua still fastens a red tie. He says: "Red is representing adamancy, representing courage, the courage that we introduce strategic investor and determination won't change " . The media reporter all without exception of the spot moves a look for it. It is in 3 big airline of domestic, dong Hang comparing is other two companies encountered more difficulty. In hub of 3 big aviation, no matter be Beijing or Guangzhou, base airline can be accomplished basically " alone big " . But Shanghai is different, shanghai Airline and Dong Hang grow together expand, both competition all the time unusually intense; Recombine in group of 3 big aviation in, because recombined debt to pester the northwest airline of the body, make there is heavy wing when Xin Donghang takes off. After taking up the post of president of Dong Hang group in September 2004, li Fenghua is Dong Hang's thing to run everywhere all the time. Pass difficult negotiation eventually, can introduce Singapore airline to regard the strategy as investor, soon Dong Hang is about " renascence of Nie huge rock " , did not think of to bring endowment the combination that plans to suffer a few partner " snipe " , did not obtain finally through. The Li Fenghua of air man one's previous experience still not character abandons. Li Fenghua discloses, air man and other profession have the biggest different, it is air man to every time the rise and fall of the airliner do one's best is perfect. The person that serve as a business management, want to be brave in to receive a challenge, go after new success.
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