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Write down branch of Na Hang Xinjiang outstanding communist Xu Xiaokui

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This net dispatch (reporter: A teacher of the ATR type that billows ㄆ ? Comrade Xu Xiaokui is department of flight of branch of Xinjiang of Na Hang joint-stock company, entered boat school study 1994, was divided in department of Xinjiang airline flight to work 1998 up to now, joined a Chinese Communist 1997, was hired to be flight teacher 2006. The flight comes nearly 10 years, his work is serious, hardheaded, ensured of task of flight safe production finish, got of leader and comrades praise. When be praised every time by the leader, small Kui always says modestly: "It is party and people foster and exercised me, choose this job, I am not had complain without regret " . Carry out hard " 3 delegates " bear of serious thought air man emphasizes wanted responsibility, loading the safety of people's life and belongings, small Comrade Kui does not forget the responsibility that goes up personally from beginning to end, it is a tenet with serving for people heart and soul from beginning to end, hold to with " 3 delegates " serious thought is guidance, carry out executive party and country seriously
Guiding principle, policy, right way holds to in the job and life, banner is accomplished before major issues of principle bright, position is firm, object ethical splittism and illegal religion activity stoutly, object hiding stoutly alone element and border alone disrupt activity of the element, safeguard the motherland to unite unite with the nation. It is among shake of earth of plain of this short of Wenshui River, he looks to ache to go up in the heart in the heart, he besides dry good own job, active to contribute money of disaster area people, active pay special party membership dues, he not only him contribution, and still arouse the family member is active contribution, the heart of a true love that when behaving a communist adequately to there is difficulty in people, gives. Got everybody's praise, it is practice " 3 delegates " the crackajack delegate of serious thought. What the type of safe construction ATR of active devoted squadron flies for the most part is border inside course, as a result of border inside weather is complex and changeful, individually border inside airport facilities facilities is endless also and identical, some is not perfect also; Run course to also have more especially non-standard, for cogent do well this job, comrade Xu Xiaokui organizes business backbone actively to be opposite Atr type hold flying course undertakes delibrate, made a work out go out in the light of different airport and diverse line more normative more detailed and careful course manual, of this manual make and weave existing line offerred strong support, hit a foundation to flight safety not only, and also removing very big effect to the education of new student, also be new student thereby people understand course knowledge as soon as possible, understanding moving environment and each airport character rose to promote action. He organized GPS group actively to be in charge of data of ATR type DGP proofreading, what plan in order to assure air route is accurate and effective, because difference of gradient of ATR type personnel is too big, so he smokes the staff with a stronger vocational level to go to GPS group on different level, achieve the purpose of mutual study with this. When finishing an airliner actively to produce task   to produce the task to discharge him when the airliner, he never has complaint, it never also had carried what course is good to never also had carried what course fly, what course is bad to fly, he always is meticulous, prepare meticulously, the problem that appears the likelihood one by one write down in the heart, detail management is paid attention to particularly in the flight, insist to fly from beginning to end the secure job of 4 phase, pay attention to the resource management of cockpit, the process that flying counteracts everybody to undertake actively communicate and communicating, in the flight process that taking student especially, the his patient and painstaking work style of work that explain and asks strictly left deep impression to everybody. Arrive in executive Urumqi A Kesu airliner, because of reason of weather of A Kesu airport, standard of short of be born, the airliner falls fully with respect to midway, xu pilot passes computation, unit can fly overtime likely. For more reliable for the purpose of, xu pilot is contacted in time with squadron, inform this one circumstance, let squadron do the preparation of good backup aircrew at any time, the problem that lest cause airliner and aircrew,does not join to go up. Squadron leader often says so, pilot resembling Xu works so such attentive, everybody should learn to him. The pilot of working   Xu Xiaokui that thinking squadron intently not only care military unit corresponding to a company is built, and the job that thinking squadron intently, receive phone of navigational fairs room by squadron. Requirement squadron prepares aircrew of a backup, the task of rush to deal with an emergency that wants the Aertai that finish possibly, squadron informed Xu of pilot, original Xu pilot just carries out an airliner task to come back, original Xu pilot should rest rest, should look originally did not see the classmate above, but, these Xu pilot abandoned, hesitate none however accepted the task, get ready wait for hair, although this task was cancelled finally, although Xu pilot awaited several hours, but his complaint without a bit, and if can finish such glorious task personally,say. He will be very glad, squadron is his spirit to be touched deeply. Once, an aircrew carries out airliner task, as a result of the reason of plane breakdown, need an aircrew to finish replace the task, squadron gave Comrade Xu Xiaokui this task at that time, the day freezes coldly at that time, brought very great difficulty to executive airliner task, but demur of Comrade Xu Xiaokui did not say, happy acceptance the task, he says happily, every time squadron has difficulty and task, can think of him, it is the accredit to him, of course, every time the task that Xu Xiaokui accepts can satisfactory finish. Squadron leads what all without exception sighs with emotion to say, give every time Xu Xiaokui's task, squadron very be at ease. Thought stability removed Party member model to be the first action   had a paragraph of period last year, the partial personnel of air man is troubled by repulsive, the steady work that gives a flight the team for a short while brought certain difficulty. The flight personnel that regards ATR as type also has not small wave motion on the thought, especially the year before last year and last year in first half of the year, the partial pilot of ATR type should change his costume or dress large scale computer, (as an air man, basic desire is to want to drive a large scale computer) fall in this kind of circumstance every time, the personnel thought of squadron can have a few wave motion, but basically can treat correctly, especially Comrade Xu Xiaokui, it is the standard with a communist more strict him requirement, he says: Be troubled by repulsive itself incorrect, because be a company,fostered us, it is the enterprise brought up us, let us learn skill, how can we learn skill be about. Changing his costume or dress besides is the thing of textural, serve as a Party member to should understand an organization, obedient organization, do not give an organization picky, crucial when, we are about to thinking us is a communist, wanting to be in an unfavorable situation advanced, enjoy after, said again, no matter do what job, it is the job that the enterprise needs, you do not work, he does not work, who does that make dry. Dry job is division of labor differs, dry what had done same. He is to say such doing to also is so. And it is cautious and conscientious, dependable, willingly bear the burden of hard works, the flight is engaged in working in him today, finished an airliner neatly to produce the task not only, and also care squadron construction, his solidarity comrade, conversation is amiable, humanness is just, justice is decent, take the interests of the whole into account, attach most importance to with collective interest, attach most importance to with the interest of the enterprise, accordingly, in the process of this democratic appraise sth through discussion, got everybody is approbated generally, be chosen consistently finally to be the outstanding communist of branch of Na Hang Xinjiang by the unit.
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