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Character of sea boat interview: Head Wu Manyu of aviation elder sister

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  introduction: Say when Wu Manyu, "I love Hai Hang very much really " when, you can feel, all these is to send the aspirations from her the bottom of one's heart. Perhaps somebody still remembers on January 8, 1990 - 10 days, be in " Hainan daily " on a published message: Chinese Hainan saves airline job announcement: ...   one, the steward in sky (aviation young lady) 10 people, female, culture of high school above, 17-20 year old, height 160-170cm, can tell standard mandarin, body be good at appearance is beautiful, enterprise is strong, the person that know language of Hainan word, another name for Guangdong Province and English is preferential below coequal condition. Wu Manyu's roommate is after the message that sees newspaper go up, pulled her to attend together in those days " air hostess " " the sea is chosen " , the result is without preparative Wu Manyu to show itself in nearly 1000 people, from now on with blue sky become attached to. The report that multiplies about the aviation of generation of great capacity such as Wu Manyu already too numerous to mention one by one, but very few person knows, wu Manyu in those days this dream actually not " accidental " . Elementary school
When, the school that Wu Manyu's parents works organizes a teacher to travel to the other place, that is need go out by air of travel itinerary. Dan Wuman jade expects the brigade of long already flight to be replaced by the place of a little brother in the home, watch sb go away is worn the back of the parents that go on a long journey and little brother, in Wu Manyu heart very sad, then dark be determined: This you do not let me go, sooner or later I can go further than you certainly. Later, the little desire of this little girl became reality unexpectedly. This looks be like effeminate Hainan woman, having however those who exceed other people is courageous and resolute with adamancy. When silence of Wu Manyu quiet the ground takes Hai Hang when admission notice, she made first time choice for her life, became to cannot accompany those who be beside parents constantly " flier " . Attend groomed day drab and painstaking, wu Manyu remembers be in in those days dimly the scene when Chongqing test-fly: The carry that training uses 7 it is a kind of small-sized plane, the type of it and Boeing is different, after a paragraph of distance glides before taking off, need stops to just can begin to take off. This kind lets Wu Manyu suddenly they have some of abrupt to be prevented not as good as, plus the jolt in whole flight route, a lot of people begin airsick. But the enthusiasm that belongs to a youth with, wu Manyu insisted to come down, got used to job of this kind of flight slowly. In November 1991, the aviation that Hainan saves airline to obtain Chinese civil aviation bureau to issue carries business " business certificate " , become the 14th the home, place of countrywide formally from this the 5th airline. 1993 on May 2, to Wu Manyu and the numerous unit staff that attend a boat, perhaps be the day that changes their lifetime, also be the day that is worth person of all sea boat to remember. Before today in the evening, when Wu Manyu they are informed be about to take the airliner that flies to Beijing from big talk the following day, pull open Hai Hang when begin navigation is prelusive, everybody is excited overnight not Mian. Sit the plane Boeing 737-300(2578) with Shanghai the earliest boat, carrying 146 passengers of the person of the same trade, big talk, Beijing, this one south one north two remote towns, need 3 half hours merely, can connect each other. That the excitement that brings Wu Manyu unpleasant attack by surprise mixes a boat to be recalled for a long time, not only because of Chen Feng president encourage, because got acquainted with Liu Xiaomei, Lin Xiu to wait for associate of a batch of jobs and life bosom friend,be more. Lucky and happy, it is two words that Wu Manyu often alludes. Look in her, can enter Hai Hang, the flight that does oneself to like to be envied with everybody works, it is the luckiest the thing that does not pass; And fly, let her forget pains and grievance already, those who remember is the friendship of cooperation of the solidarity between the colleague only, and by passenger understanding and admissive joyance. The flight brings her endless dynamical He Yongyuan's young state of mind, happy feeling arises spontaneously. Those who interview is intermittent, wu Manyu encounters the friend that two for a long time did not see, one among them just did a mother, then a few women began to rise a little " mom classics " . Wu Manyu has two years old of much lovely daughters, know mom wants to fly every time, very hate to part with, opening a pair of big eyes to say pitiably to her: "Mom, can you fly with going? The family closes blacked out. " remove with respect to meeting overflow in Wu Manyu heart at this moment distressed. But she knows very well, hai Hang is her likewise give up does not fall " the child " , can say, wu Manyu and sea boat become long advance and retreat jointly, it is Hai Hang let her realize his original dream, the life that also lets her becomes all the more is perfect. Wu Manyu takes this seriously to interview very much, be informed should take a picture to oneself, ask to answer the office to fill of lipstick makeup. Wu Manyu is very the person that cares about others to experience, she says this perhaps is engaged in service industry concerning for years with her, go out to have a meal with the friend every time so, can do a lot of things for the clerk, and be mocked by the friend " won't enjoy " . But this kind of honest act that is her, and the consideration that she compares the heart the heart to other people, let her become what struggle on post of Hai Hangping every most angel. Wu Manyu " mom ana " : Want oneself to pass happiness is well only, what to want to be compared with others. Present child matured very quickly, do not think their whats do not understand, want to pay close attention to their feeling. Mention the child to feel to leave his very distant so, but she has become one of my life now. When the child says to want to knead a shoulder to me, really extremely happy! The child needs us to love, but must not het-up him, such ability are truly right he is good. Write civil / Liu Shuang photographs / picture of Yang Yang part offers Wu Manyu resume by him Wu Manyu: Wu Manyu, hainan saves person of 10 thousand peaceful counties, entered Hai Hang on July 1, 1991, multiply Wu for big talk now one squadron steward, cabin and manager of product of ground service ministry, ceng Can adds the big talk May 2, 1993, Beijing head boat works.
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