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Flashy life value- - write down press of Yunnan civil aviaton outstanding report

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This net dispatch (reporter Ni Jiayun) " arduous and cultivated 30 carry, an a loyal heart writes civil aviaton. " recently, the news work that a concentration mirrors career of Yunnan civil aviaton to develop at full speed only collect " blue sky lets his thought flow freely music " , by publishing house of art of company of Yunnan publication group, Yunnan official collect articles into a volume is published. Shu Bin of Yan of this book author fastens Yunnan airport group the worker of International Airport of Wu Jiaba of Kunming of finite liability company, this is him first external the individual work of respect of news conduct propaganda only collect.

Yan Shubin is born at going up 60 time of century, heibei saves person of piece of city of members of a family. He attended a the Chinese People's Liberation Army in October 1979, the predestined relationship that the knot issued to indissoluble is composed with news in army. After retiring from army by 1982, he is allocated management board of province of civil aviaton Yunnan works, ever held the position of " Yunnan aviation " the post of magazine deputy chief editor.

Yan Shubin answers recall
When the experience that is engaged in news writing in 3 years of army in those days, up to now still clearly is in eye. He special have deep love for as dry as a chip and be full of life of mysterious colorific army. In army this " university officer " in, he acquired not little military affairs knowledge and the character and morals that be an upright person. Once attended defend oneself to strike back battle, because expression obtained the commend of army bravely. Below the help of comrade-in-armses, he used off hours compose " why don't still deserve muzzle cap " , " mountain fastness of home of seedling of army made up of the sons of the people expressing sympathy and solicitude for " , " optional location of field operations ammunition depot and guard " wait for news work, publish in former Kunming military region in succession " national defence soldier signs up for " , got of unit leader and comrade-in-armses reputably.

By December 1982, yan Shubin is allocated outfield of oil depot of management board of province of civil aviaton Yunnan works, he insists to use off hours to continue from beginning to end compose news manuscript, record the dribs and drabs in the life and job. At the beginning of 1993, he is moved to Yunnan airline to publicize a ministry again, be engaged in press and news photography job, become the propagandist a secretary in charge of sth of a full-time. From now on, he is more assiduous. Since Yunnan airline holds water, he often flies deep, machine Wu, carry, the unit of a gleam of such as canal of public security, boat, communication and each boat station, domestic and international agency undertakes interviewing. Can say, no matter where he walks along, where to interview. Good to interview and write each news manuscript and had filmed picture of each groups of news, he often abandoned the breathing space of holiday, with air man, empty elder sister, control member kimono Wu personnel is contacted again and again, search news clew. After news manuscript has been written, he always is classics leader after examine and verify, go to with the fastest speed hair " Chinese civil aviaton signs up for " , , " Yunnan daily " , " spring wall evening paper " , " Kunming daily " , " Yunnan economy daily " , broadcasting station of Yunnan TV station, Yunnan broadcast, Kunming. Hold the position of in him especially " Yunnan aviation " during magazine deputy chief editor, from altitude many meters 4000 enlighten celebrate highland to arrive of the countryside of the peacock on the west double edition accept; From Li Jiangyu Long Xueshan goes to the awn city with beautiful scene; Arrive from the Dali of Er Hai Zhibin of ancient the Silk Road protect hill; The area thinking of cogongrass that from tea Ma Gu connects station waiting for boat to clear of birthplace of black neck crane; The west hill radar station of Cong Dianchi's bank arrives in international navigation nods the Geng Ma of remote border land; Go to the Shanghai of week of triangle of the Yangtse River from capital Beijing; From Na Yue the Guangzhou of the earth goes to the Shenzhen of reforming and opening; From the flower Singapore arrives travel resort Bangkok; Go to the United States from Chinese Hong Kong, undertook be interviewinged uninterruptedly, left his arduous and cultivated footmark, wrote down " plane at top speed set out on a voyage " , " landscape is lain between ceaseless, vast sky sends close affection " , " the real situation is knitted course " wait for outstanding news work. Centrally leader and leader of the class that save a ministry come during another name for Yunnan Province inspects, he undertook dogging reportorial, patted precious historical picture. Be affected in his and drive, a few employee of the company also fell in love with news writing and news photography, become the backbone of press respect.
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