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Guo Song: Grind a sword 10 years to be become eventually sharp edge

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Guo Song, boat Xinjiang plane maintains director of room of technology of base ATR workshop south, communist, had a job 1991, machinery is professional, in course maintenance produces a gleam of to serve 17 year full. Come 17 years he learns hard, study business, close to the processing of breakdown all previous is in person, take exercise in practice, rise; Come 17 years he challenges ego ceaselessly, from a machinery member be on leadership post gradually, technical room is guided in his below, from 0 begin, work steadily, capture each difficult problem, break through a path difficulty, the room of ATR workshop technology nowadays becomes workshop business core, discharge reason pioneer, the cradle of talent of be pregnant with. "#000000">     " hill is absent tall, have spirit of celestial being criterion, water is absent deep, have Long Zeling " . Although technical room staff has 5 people only, but in " core character " guide below, walk out of path of an additional monarch gradually, the road of own innovation. The job of technical room is confined to an analysis only no longer breakdown, eliminate breakdown, expand the system is built however, fundamental construction, is the analytic processing breakdown outspread does the component repair quality to cause arrive? Be still systematic blemish? Still can pass preventive maintenance to be able to avoid · of · of · of · · · . Below his proposal, draw on the wisdom of the masses, build a breakdown to evaluate archives of technology of mechanism, project to build information of mechanism, much channel to communicate a mechanism to wait gradually. The success of these mechanisms is built, for henceforth the good progress of ATR, established a foundation. In the job, be severe with oneself and lenient towards others, won everybody's esteem. Special before breakdown, although he is to be in what France undertakes ATR plane to change one's costume or dress,reach the study of test-drive, have deep theory and practice base. But he always is very modest, discuss together with everybody, analytic breakdown, make the plan that discharge reason and relative strength is in person, because this is very much,difficulty breakdown eliminates a record first is maintain by him. Change for the first time for example normal stop a machine by cutting off the power advocate crock canister, first time changes PVM changes to the tightwire that lights tone, first time the director job that helix LIP seals roof beam of keel of plane of severe, first time to change one's costume or dress, first time seals severe, landing gate to seal severe adjustment to wait for the job to hold door. Guo Song thinks to write breakdown to analyse report, breakdown to sum up report, paper from beginning to end is one of the most efficient ways that raise professional ability. It is very easy to can be clear about systems analysis can be clear about systems analysis, but can draw up come, had written, consult with respect to need a large number of data, good paper can get everybody not only approbate, and academic level has very big rise. He writes a few technologies to analyse the paper with higher level constantly, publish go up in a few professional journals. Technical room also secures every two months or 3 months to finish a breakdown to analyse report, technology to analyse summary report or relevant paper each, the editor is become book, learn for workshop etc branch, referenced, this job already held to more than 5 years. Guo Song still is having very strong organization, communicate, harmonious ability. Early a few years, be short of as a result of ATR boat material, the incur loss through delay that causes a plane time and again cancels, stop even. After responsible technology room, strengthen and the harmony of boat material branch, communicate. The maintenance that combines ATR plane characteristic, all boat material that suggests ATR manufacturer undertakes assessment, the opinion seasonable feedback gives boat material the branch, be in charge of report to increase boat material to lay in to boat material ahead of schedule. Only of this one job finish, in recent years, because boat material is short of an and rather than to plan to stop,ATR plane happens rarely. At the same time Guo Song strengthens pair of breakdown undertake assessment, because the component repairs the repeatability breakdown that quality causes,should discovering is, claim for compensation of branch of proposal boat material, ask relevant unit repairs a project to undertake assessment to the component, whether to need to change repair manufacturer. Be aimed at blemish of technical difficult problem, system at ordinary times, he always produces what branch and ATR manufacturer service represent actively to communicate with the technology, seek solve method. Drive in his below, solved system of air conditioning of a few such as, plane deice system the technical difficult problem that wait, the dependability of these systems rises subsequently. This is Guo Song, one insists to producing the average worker of a gleam of, the post in oneself is silent and cultivated, guide room of ATR workshop technology this group braves the wind and waves, hand over exam paper of a portion satisfaction; Be happy to aid a person at the same time, according to individual specialty, help everybody build the arena of development, share oneself experience at everybody, drive the individual's development, make technical room becomes the cradle of talent of be pregnant with truly. This is Guo Song, a common communist, on ordinary working station, compose each is brilliant canto.
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