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After scene passes, it is difficult that Pang Yuliang is faced with financing and the reality that enrol business. Wu Xiaoling of our newspaper reporter / photograph

  Once confidence is full, walking is slow nowadays, the investment case of Lynd company is worth to plan " go " Chinese enterprise is drawn lessons from

  Hu Xiaobing of reporter of international pioneer gazette is sent from Berlin
Carry president of acting limited company as border of Beijing forest Germany, yu Liangceng of Henan businessman Pang via real ground " fire " . In May 2007, in media of much home of heart two countries reported his 100 million euro buys denounce endowment German assorted not forest city handkerchief hopes 100 % of Mu airport the news of equity, this action still is inspected " the beginning that look forward to of the countryman in was being initiated buys foreign airport " . Pang Yuliang says, the hope uses Paximu airport build China sheds a center to European content. Ideal and real difference always are very brutal, near one year past, the construction of the airport did not obtain Paximu the progress in expect, compare with the lively report of media, investor all appears unusually conservative with sober. Came from on April 7 bay
The brushstroke of the company invests Daliya, just let Lynd company loosen a little at a heat. The airliner is exiguous,   of dreamy be thwarted is bought in contest in, lynd company the strong opponent such as aviation of chief of a tribe of couplet of confederative express of conquer United States, A, those who lean is grand tentative plan. Pang Yu Liangxi looks at the base of have a change of luck that Paximu airline of airport building China is in abroad, he created from this " iron empty through traffic " content sheds new idea -- use railroad line to carry goods from Zhengzhou to Urumqi first, reoccupy plane carries goods to Paximu. Come so, from Chinese the eastpart part carriage goods goes to Germany to will need 5 days only. Pang Yuliang still plans to be in the airport built-in free tax zone, course of study of the state-owend enterprise in attracting is entered halt, need to carry semi-manufactured goods there in a way is machined only, can affix " Germany is made " label, thereby avoid " China is made " the trade barrier that exit often encounters. However, good tentative idea of Pang Yuliang encountered practical cold current: The airport attracts Paximu very hard the interest of Chinese country airline. At first, the airport has airliner of 2 charter flight every week, the airliner is less and less later. Domestic airline expresses, won't abandon Frankfurt, Amsterdam such international hub harbor, and the city of 34 lines Europe that low, infrastructure differs option market maturity and distributing center ability loses. Financing difficulty, only then expect do not the question with the biggest   or financing are difficult. As a result of Lynd company contest bid is brash last year, and national hair changes appoint ask to manage a risk to undertake new check and ratify to the airport again, because of this Lynd company abroad buy matters concerned to fail to be declared in time to Department of Commerce, the bank gives Lynd the company without loan related China. Buy money to pay, lynd company turns and search overseas investment business to negotiate financing. But many overseas investment also just are full of doubt to project foreground. The airport ever had Paximu martial utility, but its position is not valued by business circles above all. Pang Yuliang thinks, the airport is located in between German capital Berlin and haven city hamburger, situation is advantaged, and anti thinks: The carrying trade of Berlin and hamburger very develop, paximu's advantage is shown very hard, and the plum that this airport is in overcomes Lun Bao - city of Fu Erbo door belongs to Yuan Dongde area, economy is backward, be made fun of to call Germany " economy is desert " . German expert is analysed, as a result of situation reason, of business of this area aviation begin an obstacle again and again. 2005, some operation firm also encounters the England that buys this airport go bankrupt, final airport receives a canal by local government. In addition, it is not easy also that course of study of the state-owend enterprise in persuading builds a factory to investment of free tax zone. To manufacturing industry enterprise, "Free tax zone " the plan is not real, "Germany is made " the labor cost of prep above China lets an enterprise probably can't bear heavy burden. Auroral peep, the investment that the future did not predict company of   Australian Gu Deman brought dawn of a gleam of to Lynd group. On April 7, gu Deman and Lynd company sign an agreement, former investment 16.4 million euro, use at buying Paximu the 53 hectare land of the airport, build relevant establishment. Gu Deman group has asset 7.16 billion euro, it is the company of the biggest estate that hands in place to appear on the market in Australian card, there is investment in Australia, Asia and Europe. Gu Deman's favour is crucial to Lynd company: This is first investment that it accepts up to now. It is reported, buy handkerchief to hope Mu machine needs left and right sides of 30 million euro, of the 100 million euro that did not report last year like media. Accordingly, lynd company still has capital of 1000 much euro to need to fill neat, if arrive to still cannot prepare neat capital 2009, the airport Mu be hopinged by handkerchief local government calls in. Chang Chongqing of Lynd group vice president is right " international pioneer gazette " divulge, the company is intensifying with its many his investor negotiates financing. Lynd group still got another good news -- development of as new and high as Nanjing estate built strategic partner to concern. This developing zone has register an enterprise 1700. And these enterprises can be entered very likely in the future be stationed in Paximu the free tax zone of the airport. Lynd firm is ultimate after all whether successful financing, persuade enough business to garrison free tax zone? The answer is in Pang jade conscience.
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