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Xie Hao: Catch a thief " 3 paces music " make flight number of Olympic Games sec

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- - write down branch of Na Hang Henan the " in sky gathers up instead " hotshot is safe the member that   regards a of Yang Xianli of reporter of   of Xie Hao as the safety in a sky, capture the burglar on second machine does not consider just a little curious, but a year of many time can seize case of the theft on machine successfully 5 times continuously, that should be worth to pay close attention to. For this, the reporter comes to branch of Na Hang Henan, interview on a special trip go to work more than one year, average the member that every 3 months can seize the safety of case of the theft on machine one case thanks grand, person " gathers up instead " hotshot. Evil spirit is high one feet, the road is high battle   pale-faced scholar, this is the first impression that the reporter sees Xie Hao. Summer 2006, safety in Na Hang member in invite applications for a job, successful pass a test becomes the Xie Hao that from Henan public security major of law of advanced specialized subject graduates a safety of branch of Na Hang Henan member hold the steward in sky concurrently, working duty divides safeguard outside airliner safety, still must offer the service on machine for the passenger. On May 22, 2007, xie Hao carries out Zhengzhou to reach Beijing airliner task. In flight route, xie Hao as usual serious
Perambulatory cabin, notice ground of fluster of a man opens rack to take a bag to take a thing, by the memory that wraps pair of people admits when boarding the plane, the bag that thanks grand to judge this man to get off is not him likely very, then Xie Hao observes carefully, await patiently, search evidence. When when deplaning, seeing this man is not the host of the bag truly, capture this man quickly obtain. Had the experience catching a thief of first time, in the flight of after this, xie Hao more acumen ground attacks catch Ma Ji of each silk spider. On June 11, 2007, xie Hao carries out Zhengzhou task of consummate sea airliner, when him perambulatory when going to 24, an E the man breaks up in handbag of a black look for a thing, caused Xie Hao's attention. Then Xie Hao wrote down the substance appearance feature of this man stealthily, after port of plane be born is opened, the passenger begins shift of slowly forward port, xie Hao notices this man gets off to a moment ago turned over the black handbag that feel from rack, put the bag D of in front of on, mix next in front passenger chitchat rises, looking is so natural. Xie Hao thinks, is it possible that oneself too too sensitive, is he a common passenger probably? Then Xie Hao discusses with the colleague, prattle of the cabin after calling this man in oneself while, e of in front of of the inquiry before letting a work in the same placing go up whether does the passenger have property to lose. As expected, as expected passenger of in front of says 6000 yuan of cash inside the bag disappear without trace, indescribable to this man give him the bag, say to go to Shanghai now wait for deceptive letting a person the word expresses to suspect. The thing is not easy late, xie Hao reports immediately pilot, during awaiting personnel of ground public security, suspicion man is unusual run back and forth on machine anxiously move, xie Hao and colleague stand to subdue its. After giving a policeman suspicion man, xie Hao and colleague are in 24 F find this man Id that kneads posse and the much ready money that scatter in pocket of this seat ahead. Was on September 26 the 3rd, on the airliner that reachs Shanghai in Zhengzhou likewise, xie Hao and fellow are clever cooperate, fight in coordination, seize a larceny to make on the spot, recover for passenger of owner of lost property by pilfer cash 10 thousand yuan, won owner of lost property and machine to go up of broad passenger praise consistently. However most catch a thief the 4th times those who make Xie Hao unforgettable is on November 16. That day, xie Hao is reaching Shanghai 3591 times in greeting Zhengzhou the passenger of the airliner boards the plane, with professional habit, xie Hao is in complimentary passenger while observe each passenger appearance features seriously. Be in in the crowd that board the plane, a man with height strong put oneself in another's position rushed into Xie Hao's eye shot, that person age is controlled in 2945 years old probably, leaving a small crew cut, wear jacket of a black, especially he that is two-piece the small eye that narrow one's eyes wears keeps be on the baggage of around passenger revolve. "Be thief won'ts do? "An opinion appears in the head of abrupt Cong Xiehao. Basis before experience, xie Hao maintains his composure, continue to greet guest. After the passenger boards the plane entirely, xie Hao is paying close attention the every act of this man, but this man changes the about when boarding the plane however, sit on the seat motionless, immerse oneself in sleep. Be misdeem? When proper scratch one's head over thanking grand, suddenly that man pretended to hit a yawn, two person beyond are opposite instantaneous solely receive. This ability thanking grand suddenly be enlightened, the uniform that is oneself so exposed the identity, caused the attention of this man, looking is this to encounter ace. To bring anguine unkennel, beat sb at his own game thanking grand, the holiday left cabin of the thing, go searching to grow by Wu stealthily, let grow a side by Wu he is advertent the activity of that man. As expected as expected, differ meeting grows tell Xie Hao by Wu, the snake after that man resembles winter sleep is unusually active, still stand up from time to time the thing that arranges rack to go up, look " wolf " wants a helper. When just when thank grand to prepare to want to report this matter,giving pilot, an unusual situation caused Xie Hao's attention again, see that doubtful man stood from the seat only, directly to walk along a toilet. Discharge another to wear white business suit after that, height a meter of 8 right-and-left men also stood hurriedly, move toward the toilet that a moment ago that doubtful man uses. Well? There still is two toilets sky to wear obviously on the plane, must he wait for this toilet why? are they gangs of a pilfer? Xie Hao on one hand darkling undertook careful observation to all passengers, let colleague disguise sit to those two doubtful men into the passenger on one hand among, very right they undertake monitoring in the dark. However strange thing happened again, doubtful man hits a drowse again. Be suspicion wrong? Xie Hao remains puzzled after pondering over sth a hundred times, be forced to let a colleague be removed, ke Xiehao is not brokenhearted still, hide in shadow to continue to look attentively at the activity in cabin, through observation of nearly half hours, discover the crux of the problem eventually. It is so among those two doubtful men, still have an old man of year of close fifty years old, dress follows the first man exactly like dress, although from get on a plane he sits in that to see newspaper motionlessly all the time, but every other of those two doubtful men can twist a head a few minutes to see him, and beside a moment ago colleague of that civilian clothes takes Xie Hao in the old man just about, the old man just is the chief instigator of this gang, thank grand to wake up to reality come over, this is the gang with an extremely careful division of labor, begin those two doubtful men one before one hind, facilitating observation airline is empty alarm with safety member, and the chief instigator among takes the chance thieve. As expected, burglar people after the colleague that sees Xie Hao and him leaves cabin for long, showed fox's tail-something that gives away a person's real character or evil intentions eventually. See then the name conceals the deepest old man to stand up stealthily only, take the advantage of all round the person is sleeping carelessly when, two tactics movement is rapid the fossick in ground baggage cabin rises. Because this is a gang,commit the crime, to prevent burglar a cornered beast will do something desperate, affect the normal flight of the airliner, xie Hao reported a circumstance to pilot instantly, pilot obtained connection with public security of Shanghai airport ground instantly, it is when plane berth after Shanghai airport, public security personnel captures 3 a burglar who makes his way into a house over walls and roofs one by one obtain. "Admit, examine, talk about " to catch a thief because   of 3 paces music uncovered pilfer case successfully a few cases continuously, make Xie Hao is in branch of Na Hang Henan and the Ministry of Public Security of Shanghai civil aviaton the door is small famous gas, a lot of comrades that just had a job look for go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures thanking grand in succession. Accordingly, should asking about him is when how discovering thief, the " of 3 paces music that Xie Hao says to summary gives him to catch a thief admits, examine, talk about " . The first pace admits even if identify a person to the bag. When receiving a passenger to board the plane already, serious and advertent the characteristic of each passengers, be opposite from as double as the passenger eye those who inspect is flashy, whether is can concluding roughly the object that he notice, just do not remember the characteristic of a burglar who makes his way into a house over walls and roofs and article, and the passenger that remembers needing to protect even and article. The success that Xie Hao ensured to wrapping the competence that identifies a person he catchs a thief is led. Examine of the 2nd pace is observation. Discovered a suspect, undertake covert observing to the suspect not only, observe the circumstance of other fare even, whether does observation have partner, observation transfers spoil, observation work is defeated escape. Occupy Xie Hao to analyse, simple troops of incident of the theft on most machine fights or gang of 3 people above commits the crime very few, majority is 2 to 3 people small gang, beforehand division of labor is clear, the each other on machine is not communicated, the majority that is in charge of standing sentry advanced 14 D, as empty as airline alarm the position is relative, convenient observation airline is empty alarm circumstance. The majority that is in charge of stealing a thing be in in back row C, facilitate that takes baggage and discrepancy. The majority after pilfer is successful can arrive same a toilet move spoil, although passenger discovery is lost,be caught not easily also. The 3rd pace chats even if with suspect prattle. Xie Hao can use the opportunity that serves for the passenger every time, active with doubtful conversation, judge further from the suspect's accent and bearing. After theft happening, control condition with burglar prattle, come not not act rashly and alert the enemy, make condition happening exasperate, ensure the passenger on machine is safe. The 2 article that will let burglar of escape of passenger of have things stolen examine his, offer more sufficient evidence. Because airline is safe member duty is to should ensure plane, passenger and unit staff 3 person safe, because this seizes a burglar who makes his way into a house over walls and roofs on machine and ground,differ somewhat. For safeguard safe be born mixes the airliner not to bring psychological pressure to other fare, until the last moment, personnel of ground public security lets seize after the burglar on machine wants plane be born commonly. Catch wicked success as, flying master is taken to say the importance of these words to him at the same time again at the same time when Xie Hao just understood to just went to work gradually. Attention key passenger mastered period of time of key course, key to catch a thief 3 paces music, add oneself to suffer tall person to show practice in the school " of " piercing eye, xie Hao catchs " of " a burglar who makes his way into a house over walls and roofs now never accidentally drop. But a safety member the boat that 4 above should fly to everyday normally when executive task paragraph, do not shine from the day begin to prepare day of black ability to come home, safety should be accomplished to be not returned 2 times laxly during row, time grew hard to avoid the meeting is neglectful, because how this makes safety of good air defense work, to safety member for became a knowledge again. Thank grand is such look upon to this, although secure job is very as dry as a chip, but the characteristic that each airliner has its safety to work and key, want to be good at observe and thinking only, distinguish primary and secondary, distinction treats each course, each airliner, not only save labour and yield results is good. Accordingly, xie Hao tells a reporter: "I have ' two want neither ' , ' two because the passenger carries cash,wanting ' is the business affairs course such as Beijing going there and back, Shanghai more should pay close attention to mainly, in the morning 7, mixed at 8 o'clock in the evening 8, the airliner 9 o'clock because the passenger is easy and Mondayish should pay close attention to mainly; ' neither ' is a passenger when resting, we cannot rest, when the passenger is active we cannot active and want sober, if course of since business affairs, it is in the morning or the airliner passenger in the evening rests more, it is us certainly safe a key that pays close attention to more. Of course, the passenger on some travel course is too active, the passenger disobeys cabin safety easily to set, also should be the key " of safety of our air defence. On December 20, 2007, xie Hao carries out the airliner that Zhengzhou goes back and forth between Beijing in the morning. So before have the record that capture a thief 4 times, so everybody loves to call Xie Hao to gather up instead for " now " hotshot. Begin to go up when machine preparation, at the same time Qin Jiansheng asks with respect to play: "Hotshot, premonition today? "Xie Hao is laughing to say: "Our brother two fly this time of airliner is afraid nobody dare affront! "Although so say, ke Xiehao understands what carry out today is branch of Na Hang Henan passenger of the business affairs in all course's maximum flight number, it is easy to add morning shift passenger again Mondayish, vigilance is not tall, this kind of airliner is for whole civil aviaton, all through the ages is burglar occurrence odds is more, because this thanks grand,still raised vigilance secretly. Zhengzhou goes to Beijing Cheng has a pleasant journey, from Beijing is returned, xie Hao and colleague one before one hind divide the work, the cabin after grand withering to be in when the passenger boards the plane helps the lady of 15C put baggage, accidentally Yu Guang sees back row has a passenger side head to see his, naturally thanking grand has twisted a head to want to look after all, but that passenger fierce dodge sits inside seat, and be in right now he is inclined rear a passenger is putting a handbag overhead square rack, xie Hao has not enough time to look more, continue to serve for follow-up passenger, dan Xiehao writes down this thing in the heart truly. When the service in sky, xie Hao undertook nodding is opposite nodding a service to two suspicion man designedly, when asking he needs to drink what beverage, from inside the passenger's of a kind mandarin, xie Hao is faint the judgement that confirmed oneself, subsequently, there is new case to happen again inside cabin. Because carry out the plane of Beijing airliner,all be the Boeing 737-800 that branch of Na Hang Henan just introduced nearly two years new aircraft, cabin has 3 closet after, and at that time nobody takes up, however a passenger walks into the closet that around of two doubtful men has used jointly likewise, this and the scene that encounter the 4th times are same, because this thanks grand to judge this is them,had planned ahead of schedule, what be about to undertake certain hidden in collective closet is secret. Xie Hao writes down the appearance feature of next this people secretly, the cabin after informing the colleague arrives discusses countermeasure. The cabin after steward of the cabin after letting first is like doubt owner of lost property to cry checks his handbag, make a companion close stare at a suspect, him Xie Hao observes cabin activity, 10 thousand yuan of cash inside bag of discovery of owner of lost property unexpectedly and fly as expected. Let other fare do not suffer interference to be accomplished as far as possible, everybody decides to let companion general among them after the cabin after a suspect is taken, xie Hao searchs another suspect to cabin. Right now another suspect is fainting the head sleeps greatly, spank thanking grand pats him wake, let its take boarding check Id, the suspect's alarmed expression makes Xie Hao more affirmatory, reported instantly after the cabin after two suspects control arrives pilot. Should be checked on public security of the ground after plane be born, walk along Xie Hao when last passenger before, after the Id that draws out oneself, xie Hao decides this is the 3rd suspect quickly, be being accompanied is the darby with icy third mate. Once blue, be full of expectation   to serve as a new employee nowadays, face burglar to commit the crime Xie Hao ever also had hesitated, nevertheless Xie Hao's apprehension disappeared very quickly. Xie Hao is filial, worry to do not let parents, after he comes home, often tell the thing of the unit to the mother to listen. July 2007, after telling the thing that seizes the theft on machine to the mother again when Xie Hao, mother not only not glad, be anxious to rise more instead, and Quan Xiehao says: "The child, you want Duan Duan only it is tea, good to pour water to do the service do the service went, do not be in charge of so much other people's business, the tree is so much the enemy is bad. "Maternal word spilled a cold water to Xie Hao, make Xie Hao depressing for ages. When thanking grand melancholy, na Hang was begun fulfil civil aviaton " the air defence safety that gives priority to a problem with stealing on severe blow machine is rectified " , boat Henan branch established leader group south, begin to catch from the thought above all fulfil, the achievement that obtains before Xie Hao two undertakes praise and affirming face to face. "The safety of the boat austral the hope member resemble Xie Hao same, guard the passenger's life and belongings safety seriously, if everybody has been made, behavior of the theft on machine is met less and less, na Hang's airliner is met safer and safer " , the what one says during a conversation of Party committee secretary, make thank grand be suddenly enlightened, understood oneself struggling target, make Na Hangan total flight number namely, let burglar dare not come up to Na Hang airliner again forever, oneself are ability also does not catch element of the theft on machine again by force forever, to in those days, the mother won't worry again. Accordingly, although had hesitated,grand withers when catching a thief the 3rd times, but still seize burglar together with the colleague finally. The desire is do not catch   of " of " a burglar who makes his way into a house over walls and roofs to go to make sure the passenger goes out in safety forever, now, before Xie Hao flies every time, can check a plane seriously according to safe requirement, if be not checked or the examination does not reach the designated position, xie Hao can be at ease no less than. Some people think the flight is an as dry as a chip thing, dan Xiehao says however: "Giving me dynamic is not every time seized " of an another " a burglar who makes his way into a house over walls and roofs, the word of the recognition of the passenger after seizing " of " a burglar who makes his way into a house over walls and roofs however and safe to Na Hang airliner reliance. "What interviewing is final, xie Hao tells a reporter, branch of Henan of the boat austral now is undertaking safety is rectified in the round, popularize experience of oneself air defence safety in the round, the company will establish " to gather up instead group " , the air defence that raises whole company installs all-pervasive force, arrange " to gather up instead the Olympic Games airliner that group " centers Zhengzhou is on duty to Beijing, ensure safety of Olympic Games airliner is smooth. The Na Hang that believes future can have " of more and more " Xie Hao to appear, accordingly, those who thank grand mother is anxious had become now expect, expecting " of " a burglar who makes his way into a house over walls and roofs people by place of more " of " Xie Hao awe, expect airliner safety of Na Hang always is stationed in, xie Hao also won't catch " of " a burglar who makes his way into a house over walls and roofs again.
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