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Big public house of international of vessel of peony river gold

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Merchant of old wine of international of vessel of peony river gold wants establishment:

Meal establishment: Chinese meal of grand center cabinet at 0 o'clock hall; Yan Baochi cabinet; Between luxurious bag; Corridor of wine of Western-style food hall, administration
Recreational establishment: Can exhibit a center to be able to accommodate 90-400 person; Little assembly room can accommodate 12-24 person / card of fitness, chess, billiards, massage, ping-pong
Service facilities: Business affairs center, hire Wu of car, ticket, washhouse, bazaar, parking lot

Information of other of big public house of international of vessel of peony river gold:
Contact a phone: 0453-8939999
Hotel address: Street of blessing of situation of city of river of Heilongjiang province peony 99
Traffic a sector of an area: The hotel is apart from downtown 0.2 kilometers; Be apart from a railway station 500 meters; Be apart from an airport 2 kilometers; Be apart from long-distance station 0.2 kilometers

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