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Different discount airline ticket has different use limits of authority to consu

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And the controller of ticket Wu company tells a reporter, the club is to pass a phone to book airline ticket at that time, ticket Wu company is the fax that just receives a club to be sent after giving a ticket, also be a club likely accident went out when registering information. And, the club pays receive a ticket to did not point out mistake of airline ticket time at that time. Accident is a key that link became bilateral conflict in which. Protect in disappear finally appoint coordinate for many times below, the club is bought so that 18 pieces of Shanghai send the airline ticket toward Chengdu with the market minimum price during 51 golden weeks finally, and make sure original number is fixed. But because 7 people put forward to want to exit, the club begins to should be assumed to the loss of 7 pieces of airline ticket by who again produced dispute with company of wide bill Wu.

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