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Go out the journey goes vacationing still is a grand opera during the golden week, the choice goes out by plane of the journey be absent a few. City disappear was protected yesterday appoint hair the 7th consumption hints this year, when reminding a citizen to buy airline ticket, notice at 4 o'clock:

1, the airline ticket point of sales with normal choice: The information of carry out ticket that the ” of “ small advertisement that roadside distributes in succession offers looks be like offer comparative to exceed low discount attractively, actual often add valence, collection to the service is expended or build carry out insurance at will however when giving a ticket, the legitimate rights and interests of enroach on consumer. Consumer should be in airline or the dot of carry out ticket that its point to carry out of a system of fixed quotas for marketing is procuratorial buy a ticket.

2, the full name that affirms to the person takes on airline ticket: Consumer buys airline ticket in dot of carry out ticket, especially when the phone orders airline ticket, should fill in correctly, inform the takes a person full name with conform to of effective identity document, will not board the plane otherwise.

3, the information such as go-off of number of airliner seeing Qing Dynasty, airliner, place: The airliner number that consumer should notice to buy airline ticket (the airline that represents acceptance of consignment) , the date of the airliner, time that set out, airport that set out (rainbow bridge airport or Pudong airport) , lest delay a journey.

4, the use attributive that understands different discount airline ticket: Different discount airline ticket has corresponding use attributive, accordingly, consumer should notice the such as on airline ticket must not change the limitative condition such as autograph, change or return a ticket.

5, true and effective connection phone stays when buying a ticket: Once what multiply an airliner to cancel, change, airline or its show agent of carry out of a system of fixed quotas for marketing can be seasonable get in touch with consumer; Consumer also can contact the airline of acceptance of consignment after buying a ticket, what inquiry takes the material information of the airliner, ensure trip is successful.


Airline ticket date shifts to an earlier date unexpectedly a month

Report from our correspondent (Liu Lu of trainee of reporter Shenyang colourful) according to Shanghai explorer garden club staff member introduces, on March 22, they the airline ticket that to Shanghai limited company booked Wu of ticket of wide hair aviation to sent past Chengdu from Shanghai 18 pieces on April 30, ticket Wu company says to 2 fold airline ticket at that time, the club took airline ticket to erupt simultaneously that day on guest hand. Nevertheless, the following day what the guest discovers the date setting out on these airline ticket is written is on March 30, with book time shift to an ealier time a month.
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