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How to buy low discount airline ticket

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6. The viatic date that notices you please should be inside the period of efficacy of certificate and visa.
7. Notice the passenger full name that you offer to answer please with the passport (Id) the spelling that go up is identical.
8. Notice to the ticket is bought before the final time limit giving a ticket in airline please, lest the seat is cancelled.
9. In the passenger if have children or baby,inform an unripe date please.
10. Other item consults please " civil aviaton passenger transport is regular " .

3. What is value bank note and special offer ticket?
1. what value bank note shows the passenger is bought is airline regular fare, allow to undertake signing turn and be changinged, a year effective. Ticket of special offer of prep above of this kind of price.
2. What special offer ticket shows the passenger is bought is airline special and favourable fare, do not allow an autograph to turn, a lot of restrict a condition, period of efficacy each different, but cheaper.

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