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How to buy low discount airline ticket

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One. How to buy low discount airline ticket?
Aviation representative company is sale of net of countrywide computer couplet, it is equal that so everybody buys dozen of opportunity that folds airline ticket. Average person calls to want to order the ticket of low discount to acting company, after the airline ticket of low discount is ordered, go up toward tall discount ticket move, order earlier so, more organic meeting orders the airline ticket of lower discount.

2. . The note that buy a ticket
1. To protect your legitimate rights and interests, airline ticket is booked on the net, the electron on the net that must notice to examine a website to go up to whether have industrial and commercial bureau to issue marks, telecommunication is in charge of the ICP card number that the branch issues, international boatAirborneBe defeated by association (IATA) issued international boat assist license number.
Attention: A lot of companies that do not have dealership of business of aviation passenger transport and private airline ticket business is solicited on the net, also have a lot of swimming business sends out on the ave airline ticket small advertisement / calling card. Do not have dealership of business of aviation passenger transport swim business announces a phone merely commonly, it is mobile phone phone or Beep-Pager for the most part, do not announce company name, business address, use commonly send out in the place such as diplomatic mission area means of small handbill advertising, of professional work of standard representative of management aviation passenger transportTravel agentOr company of ticket Wu representative is divided outside needing to have fixed management place, still should have the following condition:

A. Have ' international boatAirborneBe defeated by the IATA license number that association ' issues.
B. Have what the civil aviation bureau issues to manage the license of business of representative of aviation passenger transport. The company that has dealership of domestic passenger ticket only cannot
Business of Wu of management international ticket.
C. Have fixed management place and civil aviaton to book terminal system.
D. Have course civil aviaton and international aviation to carry association to groom eligible ticket Wu professional.
2. To assure to check correct fare, when asking inquiry, inform go well and truly date of Cheng, return trip, ask written affirm quote.
3. Airline often can roll out sales promotion the price and concerned information, please often column of ' of advertent ' latest news.
4. To avoid a seat number the seat is not ordered when insecurity, had better have ordered the seat number ahead of schedule as far as possible. Booking a seat number do not collect fees,
If decide,do not buy a ticket to be able to inform the place that order a ticket cancels at the appointed time.
5. The price of a lot of petty gain has limitative condition, please advertent.
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