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4 kinds of methods can differentiate false airline ticket

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False airline ticket has a few kinds

According to Na Hang the staff member of integrated business department introduces northern branch, the false bill on market is varied now, common basically have the following 4 kinds of forms:

Photocopy of ” of true ticket of gold class ——“ : False bill dealer buys true airline ticket first, use the copycat of high definition to duplicate airline ticket next, after the passenger pays, the passenger takes what go up in one's hand is false bill however, if undertake inquiring immediately, the system that order a ticket shows this airline ticket exists; Immediately, illegal element retreats true ticket, cause a passenger to be duped.

Silver class —— abandons airline ticket alter: The airline ticket that uses place to had been used submits an expense account couplet prints passenger place to need airliner information afresh, ticket Wu professional personage points out, this kind of ticket is after using has used passenger couplet rubber wipe up, print pertinent information of the passenger afresh again, the meeting on such passenger couplet has apparent alter trace; Finally is good according to set of airline ticket format hind, hit with printer directly.

Bronze class —— becomes invalid infantile ticket: It is really cheap to believe what to buy airline ticket to let a passenger, ticket dealer forges cancellation infantile airline ticket for adult ticket.

Use passenger couplet to act as seize the opportunity couplet: Will become invalid or false passenger couplet is stuck on airline ticket to act as seize the opportunity couplet puzzles passenger.

   How to differentiate airline ticket of true and false

The staff member that manages a ministry according to products of airport of peach celestial being points out, the method that actually ticket dealer builds false bill is not brillant, the passenger is some more attentive the flaw that can see false bill.

   Method one: Equalize

Before true airline ticket two couplet are soft, thin and the carbon that contains tenacity, exterior luster, should seize the opportunity in airline ticket only delimit gently with fingernail on couplet, can imprint on the 2nd couplet go out to pass like stroke like nick. False airline ticket is thicker paper commonly, coarser, and paper is hoar, it is common duplicating paper even, although the reverse side contains the color of carbon (be like) of red, blue, but do not have autotype function. Of couplet of passenger of true airline ticket with paper softer, and false airline ticket constant harder.

   Method 2: Seize the opportunity couplet, passenger couplet wants all ready

After the passenger takes airline ticket, should look to whether have above all seize the opportunity couplet and passenger couplet two couplet, only the airline ticket of one couplet is false bill for certain (but except of electronic passenger ticket, electronic passenger ticket can show on passenger couplet this couplet and boarding check are formed together submit an expense account proof) .
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